Borno explosion: what is the death toll?

Has Boko Haram strike again? Learn more about the blast in Borno.

Unfortunately, Nigeria undergoes regular bombing and blast attacks. One of them took place in Borno on May 12, 2016. What are the sad news there?

Borno government blast attack

Borno government office blast attack

The bomb was placed in the Maiduguri government facility. It went off when lots of people were inside and by now four of them are dead. Other 24 are injured. The rescue workers soon arrived at the spot and carried away some bodies. They also delivered the survivors to the hospital.

 government office blast attack

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The suicide bomber got killed during the attack in the Borno state capital. It seems like those were women in male outfits. The explosion is most likely one of the terror acts of Boko Haram. Last year Nigeria experience a series of fierce blasts on its streets and in the building. It is so sad to lose human lives life this.

Nigeria blast attack

Today’s bombing was officially confirmed by Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman. One of the policemen got injured badly and the man passed away in the hospital. Possibly the blast death toll would rise over time, as those injured survivors may also die. Let God protect Nigerians from such horrible situations.

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