BREXIT: How Gates and Zuckerberg lost $3.4bn in 2 days?

How financial markets reacted on the Brexit? How much did Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg lose in 48 hours after Brexit decision? Read more to find out!


How to lost several billion in one day? The geopolitical decision of British people affected not only Great Britain but also the whole world. Richest men on all continents, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates lost about $ 3.4 billion dollars because of the firm voters` “No” to the question whether they desire or not to stay in EU. Zuckerberg and Gates lost $1.8 and $1.6 billion respectively during 48 hours after GB showed the results of the referendum where more than 50 percent of residents voted for leaving the EU. The amount of money lost by these two gentlemen can equal to the budget of one little country.


According to Bloomberg, Global marked responded to the Brexit with shock. The 400 richest people in the world lost about $196.2 billion in few days after the Brexit. Financial markets added more pain to UK and EU respectively due British decision to exit. The price of British pound compared to the USA dollar dropped to the 1985 level and the euro lost 10% percent of its previous value. The richest suffered the most losses during the week after the referendum. European billionaires lost $ 29.4 billion, USA and Canadian lost $26.7, Chinese lost $1 billion in one day after the Brexit.


Respectably, the shocking decision of Britain to leave the European Union shocked the markets. It also created political tension within the country as well as in EU. Analytics records total decline of the British economy in the next day after the decision. Supposedly, the people who suffered from this decision were not only richest men on the Earth. If in one day the Brexit managed to leave the richest of the people with these enormous losses, how will it effect on the modest income people on the whole continents including EU and UK? British people may desire to analysis the results of their decision of leaving the European Union. Furthermore, according to the markets` reaction, this analysis may need to be provided by every country in the world.

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