Brexit: will England leave EU?

What countries of the United Kingdom voted against Brexit from European Union? How many percent of people took part in the voting? Read the article to learn the latest news.

will England leave EU

Main world news: Great Britain has voted for exit from the European Union. These are still preliminary results, but that the result will be the same already very few people doubt. Unexpectedly for all Wales has voted for exit, and in Northern Ireland, inhabitants wanted to remain in Uniform Europe and already speak about readiness to leave structure of Great Britain. Today we endure a historical event, which will change not only Britain, but all Europe and the whole world.

British have voted for an exit from the European Union. Calculation of the remained voices won't change final result any more: for an exit it is slightly less than 52%, and 48% against. Rupture is about four percent. It shows how split country is. For comparison, on the Scottish referendum on independence the gap was in ten percent. The appearance was very high for Britain – 72%. Expected 80%, but yesterday's bad weather – a hurricane, thunderstorms and flood – seemingly, hasn't allowed everyone amongst desired ones to come to polling precincts.

European Union

Surprise for all was the fact that Wales, which according to all forecasts had to vote for membership in the EU has voted for exit. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, as expected, is the highest number of supporters of the EU. England, except London, Liverpool and Leeds, has voted in general for exit. And such unanimity, of course, became a huge sensation, as everyone expected otherwise. Today is a holiday for supporters of exit, for those politicians who since February conducted active campaign. One of the most known of them, Nigel Farage, have already made the statement:

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'We made it! We achieved it as a result of devilishly hard work. I hope our victory will destroy this failure project and will lead us to Europe consisting of the sovereign states, which will be able to trade, remaining friends and interacting with each other. Also let's get rid of flag, the anthem, Brussels and all that has gone. Let June 23 will become history as our Independence Day!', – the party leader of independence idea Nigel Farage has declared.

UK referendum results

Reaction from official camp of brexiters – that is from Boris Johnson – for the present, hasn't arrived. We also still don't know reaction from the Prime Minister David Cameron for whom UK referendum results mean defeat and most likely the end of his political career, though politicians before UK referendum agreed that Cameron will remain in power.

On results of public vote, has arrived immediate reaction from the Scottish leaders. Nikola Sterdzhen has declared that plebiscite has shown aspiration of Scots to be with European Union, and it means that the Scottish referendum, which can bring independence to this country, will take place.

Politicians in Northern Ireland also make statements that brexit results can start process of separation of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, which stopped in the last century. That is, the speech can go also about disintegration of Britain. A question is only whether it will be it in rather close future, or in remote. But today's results can have a domino effect for many European countries, which consider Britain as an example.

David Cameron

Results of referendum in Wales became sensation for many people. According to all forecasts, there were more supporters of the EU. As a result, inhabitants have voted for brexit. In Northern Ireland and Scotland surprises haven't occurred – inhabitants of both countries have told yes to the European Union. Results of referendum on all country, most likely, won't suit them, and inhabitants already say about a possibility of exit from Great Britain.

Nobody undertakes to predict all consequences of yesterday’s historical referendum. But analysts agree in opinion: without London the European Union will lose a lot of things. Besides, other countries can follow the example of Great Britain, most certainly.

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