Buhari: Niger Delta Avengers will be treated as terrorists

What did the president Muhammadu Buhari inform Niger Delta Avengers about peaceful negotiations? What will be the next step to solving the crisis?

president Muhammadu Buhari

According to words of the president Muhammadu Buhari, Niger Delta Avengers is a terrorist group. Therefore, the NDA should be treated similarly to Boko Haram. Nevertheless, if the NDA is willing to negotiate with the Federal Government, then it can be found a peaceful solution. Mr. President expressed his point of view about Niger Delta Avengers on TICAD (Tokyo International Conference on Africa Development). In his speech connected to the NDA, he reminded citizens that the main function of the government under his command is to secure the country. He also noted that the economic grow couldn't be possible without dealing with inside rival groups that oppose the government.

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Niger Delta Avengers

According to information from the news, Niger Delta Avengers took responsibility for the bomb activities on oil and gas pipelines. Therefore, the bombings they caused were one of the main reasons for economic stagnation of Nigeria. The destroying of oil facilities decreased the oil production on fifty percent at least. Therefore, they also destroyed reservoirs with oil, which also caused high price boom for fuel. Moreover, fuel is a part of every product, so they also partially responsible for a high price on products. Nevertheless, they claim that the NDA pursues noble goals, and their attacks are pointed only to the Federal Government, not people.

president Muhammadu Buhari

The president Muhammadu Buhari admires the NDA willingness to negotiate with the Government, but it does not mean that they can be treated differently. Nevertheless, they caused unbearable damage to the property of Nigeria and Nigerian people. With destroying of oil facilities in Nigeria, they attack not only the Federal government but also the property of citizens of Nigeria. Therefore, even in the framework of peaceful negotiations, they should treat as the terrorist group.

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