Buhari promises to create millions of workplaces for Nigerian young people

What are the new promises of the President Muhamadu Buhari? How is it beneficial for the Jobless youth of Nigeria?

Nigerian Youth

President Muhamadu Buhari promised millions of jobs to the youth of Nigeria. It`s not the news that the situation in the employment market of Nigeria is drastically depressive. Especially, for the most active users of job offers – youth generation. According to the statistics, every third citizen of Nigeria in the age range of sixteen to thirty-five has no job or at least constant job. Moreover, another one-third of youth population suffers from the insufficient salary. The government did provide some measures to improve the situation on the market. It should be mentioned the campaign to provide jobs for young teachers.

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jobless youth of Nigeria

The jobless youth of Nigeria is not only pain for the youth itself, but also for the economy. Supposedly, the normal jobless rating in the country should be no more than five percent. Every percent more destroys two and a half percent of the country`s GDP. According to the president, the new programs for providing jobs to youth are created to popularize and offer jobs in different branches of economy. Supposedly, to concentrate the power of the youth generation not only in oil production but also agricultural, infrastructure, education. Muhamadu Buhari announced his thoughts about the programs of jobs for youth at the Association of African Central Bank Symposium.

jobs to youth

The idea of getting job offers for the youth is not new, and the president provided these offers year ago. Nevertheless, the government has programs for the young citizens of Nigeria. Unfortunately, the economic condition of the country continues to ruin the appetite of these offers as the real payment for the work is low. Moreover, the continuance clashes with terrorist organizations and problems on the local levels only add fire to the overall economic situation. Muhamadu Buhari still has time to make his promises into reality, the only thing, will he forfeit his promises due to the complex economic situation?

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