Buhari Vs Jonathan. Are these two our saviours?

People on one side are clamoring for Jonathan's continuity while on the other side, some are demanding for change, which means, Buhari is their choice. Do we really belief either of these two can save us?

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Well, from the point of view; Jonathan seems helpless with people around him and mostly, with his cold attitude towards kicking against corruption - this sounds really disgusting but I think he's such a man because of his ambitious tenure. What an opportune but insatiable man? Despite all promises he failed during his first tenure, he's still making some new ones and hoped Nigerians will dance to this.

With references, Buhari doesn't seems different to me but, with promises and reasons, he might turn out to be good this time. But, who knows what his plan really is?

They're both the same. I doesn't feel different for any of them. Only God can help us out.

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