Bukola Saraki latest news on CCT trial

Do you know about court of Bukola Saraki? Why he was condemned? Read the article to know about this political scandal.

Bukola Saraki latest news has surprised all who followed the developments. There was an awkward situation during the trial.

Bukola Saraki trial

CCT trial over Senate president Saraki has stopped for an hour because of absence of the lawyer in the courtroom. According to his words, he has occurred because he was late in appellate court, in which he also served.

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The chairman of Bukola Saraki trial told that it is absolutely frivolous and justifications are unnecessary for him. He has also declared that this is violation of ACJA. Then the court proceeded, but the time of meeting was reduced till one o'clock.

CCT trial

Saraki, condemned for corruption in Nigeria, has arrived to meeting accompanied by the few senators supporting him. Their quantity in comparison with the previous meetings became less.

After the trial, the politician has arrived to the Senate. He was going to open plenary session. It has caused confusing from the judge. Events took place on April 19.

A day before it, on April 18, the judge declared that Saraki has to leave Senate and visit him every day. Nevertheless, he arrived to the Senate and opened a meeting.

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