Bukola Saraki news: Has FG removed all the charges against the man?

What is the progress on Bukola Saraki court trial? Learn what the FG just did!

bukola saraki

For several months Bukola Saraki has been in the center of attention, because of the trial. Now we have the breaking news on his corruption case.

What is the news on Bukola Saraki trial?

Senate President was accused of the criminal conspiracy, but now the Federal Government has filed a motion to remove such charges. These corrections may change the whole situation. The final decision in court has not been pronounced yet, but the judge may introduce the alternations in the case.

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On the former hearing of the case Saraki stated that he is not guilty in any of the charges raised against him. He considers the whole thing to be a political revenge. At least for now FG has dropped some of the charges against the man.

That is a positive turn in his case. The charges 11 and 12 cannot be proved. The remaining ones will be investigated more closely and possibly dropped, too. Overall, there are 13 of them. Hopefully this case would be resolved with honesty and integrity!

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