Bukola Saraki: what are the new charges against him?

Did you hear about new arguments against Bukola Saraki? Read the article to learn the latest details about corruption scandal in Nigeria.

On April 28 the federal government brought to senate president, Bukola Saraki new charges in addition to previous. The senator who is earlier accused of corruption in Nigeria hasn't pled his guilty.

In new process FG has admitted the fact that SP abused his powers and humiliated his subordinates during board in the period of 2006-2007.

Bukola Saraki

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The federal government also declared through the lawyer that he has detained millions N497.2 and hasn't given any account on it.

The former senate president has also been accused of false testimonies. Earlier he denied that has acquired property in Lagos; however, it has turned out to be true. Allegedly it has been acquired through Skyview Properties Company.

senate president

After hearing, the lawyer has asked court to postpone DSS retention to consult with his client and to find the response to charges.

The chairman of tribunal has postponed a sentence until May 10.


People who were involved in CORUPTION very difficult to sue, because the evidence found very sldozhno. But these people who take bribes very much, and to deal with it prakticheskui not possible. I generally do not strongly disagree CORUPTION, because those who can give give, and those who can not give money, there are so many people who come to the robot only through bribes, as a lot of students who are studying for the money buy their exams. And everyone chooses himself, or give a bribe or make vsek themselves, and of course to make the first.

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