Can Christian and Muslims unite together to stop Zaria massacre?

The land of Nigeria is inhabited both by Muslims and by Christians. Zaria events prove they can peacefully live and coopirate with each other.

Have you heard about Zaria massacre, which has taken place in December 2015? It was one of terrifying clashes connected with Muslims and Shiites. What are the causes of it? And what can it finally lead to? Let’s consider the key facts concerning the event and see.

Zaria massacre protests

Background - the story behind events in Zaria 

It happened on the 12th of December, 2015. The clash involved both Nigerian military forces and Shia Muslim community (including Islamic Movement in Nigeria). During event, lots of innocent people have died. Most of them appeared to be civilians.

Zaria massacre photos

According to data from the Armed forces, their reaction was only a respond to the Shia followers' attempt to kill Tukur Buratai (who is the Chief of Army Staff in Nigeria). In their turn, Islamic movement rejected the information. Moreover, a few Human rights agencies also claimed it was a prepared operation.

Official figures say more than one thousand people were killed in Zaria on that day.

Reaction and consequences to violence 

Zaria massacre shiite leader

It may be difficult to believe, but recent reports say that many Christians and Muslims in the south-eastern part of country have joined in their protest. It actually took place in the states of Abia and Rivers. Everything was started by Islamic movement. People demanded to release Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (their spiritual leader) and several other members of community. They are sure that the magistrate has signed the detention warrants without any fair hearing.

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Zaria massacre women

The protest was quiet and peaceful and took place on the 15th of February. A few Christians decided to support them. The demonstrators were singing special defiant song, which meant that the truth can't be suppressed by gunshots. Besides, they expressed their gratitude to those Christians, who supported them. They called them brothers and sisters. They also added that humanity is one and we aren't enemies to each other.

Besides, some other peaceful gatherings have taken place in other countries, such as India. Moreover, special Commission for Judicial Inquiry was formed to find out true causes of massacre.

Zaria massacre murders

Today IMN still try to prove they are not violent sect. They say enemies are those bloodthirsty extremists, who promote hate, intolerance, and terrorism on their land. While those, who show kindness, always get gratitude.

So, let’s wait and see how the events will develop. Will the Islamic spiritual leader be released? And will the Muslims and Christians finally live in peace and accordance with each other? Probably, this massacre will change their relations for the better.


In each country between different religions there is always conflict and contradiction. Is no exception and Nigeria. There are two nations of believers (Muslims and Christians) are constantly at war with each other. Such opposition and led to Zaria massacre. Consequently zahtnuly thousands of innocent people. Some official sources say that it was previously planned operation. But be that as it may adversely affect the entire Muslim and Christian people.You need power to intervene in such a confrontation.

Answered 2 years ago.

About Dawn massacre heard the news on television. I can not understand why Muslims and Christians can live peacefully. Religion one chooses for himself. What is the difference which people of faith? I have many Muslim friends, and I am a Christian and we get along well, regardless of religion. Scary pictures in text. Looking at them I can not understand what should civilians and as such can be a peaceful country that so many people died. I have the impression that the people themselves are looking for problems. Even for me is important not only religion but also the skin color and nationality. All are people living beings. I love all that a man is.

Answered 2 years ago.
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