Can education end terrorism?

What do you know about methods of fight with terrorism? Read the article to learn how to prevent one of the biggest problems in the world.

Terrorism is a method by means of which organized group or party seeks to achieve the objectives proclaimed by it, usually with using of violence. Modern world looks for various ways of fight against this problem. That's why many people have a question: can education end terrorism?

Can education end terrorism

Effects of terrorism on society

Terrorism makes a set of victims in society. Here are some of them:

  • Violence and mockery on innocent people;
  • Using of toxic agents and radioactive isotopes;

Effects of terrorism on society

  • Occupation of institutions, buildings, banks, embassies, which is followed by taking of hostages. Most often terrorists want to achieve negotiations with representatives of the authorities, but there are also examples of extermination of hostages. Today it is one of the most common forms of terrorism;
  • Explosions of planes, cars, trains and other transport with the purpose to frighten other people.

Effects of terrorism on society 1

Can education end terrorism debate?

Many people argue whether education is able to help fight against terrorism. Some of them consider that it can't influence on acts of terrorism. But it is not so.

Modern terrorists actively use information technologies for promotion. Social networks, e-mail, other programs for communication on the Internet have caused creation of terrorist organizations. Therefore it is necessary to trace and stop information technologies using buy them.

Crisis of modern society, distortion of legal and universal values are important reasons of emergence of terrorism. For example, in some countries children are raised under slogans of terrorism, and tell them about physical power since their childhood.

Can education end terrorism debate

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Effects of education

In this regard it is necessary to improve the education. What advantages will it give in fight with terrorism?

  • Many participants of terrorist groups are young people. Education is one of the most available ways to contact youth, to propagandize cultural wealth.
  • Education of 21 century propagandizes tolerance. It teaches people to respect others, irrespective of belief, culture and nationality.

Effects of education

  • Interest of young people in schools and universities helps to eliminate terrorism mechanisms. Usually such groups take uneducated and poor people who have no opportunity to get a job and receive money. Thus, education helps to eliminate shortage of money and unemployment.
  • Quality and interesting education will help to inspire and motivate youth on creation of tolerant and civilized society in which there is no place for terrorism.

Effects of education 1

  • Education teaches self-discipline. It helps people to control themselves and to be in peace with society.
  • Murder of leaders of the terrorist organizations can't eliminate terrorism completely. There are many such cases, after which groups continued to work. Education helps to change society in general, not to kill several people.


Well it is undoubted that during an act of terrorism many people, especially civilians perish. What they are guilty of? It isn't clear to me how by means of an act of terrorism it is possible to achieve some objectives. If terrorists pursue the aim to destroy something - yes, it at them will turn out. But there are many different ways that there were no victims among the population. I think that the end to terrorism will come not soon, is much widespread on the ground the weapon which to get - it is possible. The authorities need to carry out security measures not to subject the population to acts of terrorism.

Answered 1 year ago.

Fighting terorizmom it is very difficult and after a hard case with which to contend meaningless. After all, there are many people who are doing it for the money and that is not important to the life and destiny of others, and in general the country as a whole. I am very annoyed that even the formation of the person, will not be able to persuade teroristov not do this, Only that there is another option to give more money than the group teroristov give. That is my opinion, that of terror has always been and will be, and to overcome it will be very difficult, if not impossible.

Answered 1 year ago.

Terrorism in the first place brings a lot of losses among the population, to try to do this for many years, but terrorism grows stronger and develops. Is it possible to save the formation of the running situation? You can start to promote tolerance, to teach interesting and high quality, just a question, and unless we are taught in schools, institutions of killing? Unless we learn how to properly create a group? I was taught that above all people that killing is bad. Terrorism must be fought, and this is a fact, but the situation is quite started on today.

Answered 1 year ago.
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