Can Nnamdi Kanu renounce Biafra?

Why Nnamdi Kanu will not and cannot renounce the Biafra. Learn now.

nnamdi kanu release

Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu remains in jail. Federal Government has offered the conditions for his release, but MASSOB leaders refused them. Learn why.

Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu’s release

The FG came up with some conditions on which they are willing to let Kanu go. One of them is for Biafrans to stop the agitation and their activities. They offered Nnamdi Kanu to become a Jude to his nation and renounce it.

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The IPOB leadership claims that Kanu will not betray Biafra and he has no power to renounce it or stop the activities aimed on independence. The faith in Biafra of the leader has nothing to do with their organization, as Biafra is not a religion. It is the movement aim to set their people free from Nigerian rule.

Numberous Biafrans are set to keep up their work and press on to the goal they have set. So, for now FG was not able to attain the desired results by setting such an ultimatum.

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