Causes Of Terrorism In Nigeria

Terrorism in NIgeria is one of the most destructive forces. It ruins economy and lives of people. Find out the possible causes and solutions.

Nigeria is multiethnic country, where there are all sorts of conflicts. Some of them arise along ethnic lines some are religious. In recent years, including this one, terrorism is a very pressing question. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, it is quite common. What are the causes of terrorism in Nigeria, and is it possible that in the near future, such a threat would be eliminated? We may try to understand the prerequisites to explain what is happening and how to fight it.
Causes Of Terrorism In Nigeria

The system of the country
The system of the country Terrorism In Nigeria

Currently, Nigeria is partially a Muslim country. Over the past couple of decades, the number of Muslims has grown to 50%, leaving other religions exactly half of the total volume of the population. Orthodoxy obtains 40% and the remaining 10% belong to local religious beliefs. Of course, the government supports Islam. Many ceremonies that are not related to religion, such as the meetings of the upper authorities and others begin and end with the reading of Arabic prayers.

Statistics show that the vast majority of the population is not just familiar with religion, but is able to recite more than one prayer in Arabic language. People have an idea about the main milestones and Muslim religious postulates. Such unity cannot fail to surprise: in a country where Muslims were initially about the fourth part of the whole people, Islam is recognized as one of official religions. Of course, this active promotion of Islamic values ​​should be reflected in domestic conflicts.

The essence of the terrorist organizations and their goals

The Nigerian terrorists have one main goal – to eradicate the European way of life and other values unwanted by Islam. They enforce the Sharia law throughout the state. Radical Islamists fight for their religion in a very aggressive manner, openly urging civilians to take their faith and path. Otherwise, those who disagree with this way of life await execution by the bloody hands of terrorists.

Organization, which currently does the atrocities in Nigeria, is "Boko Haram", already known to the whole world.

Boko Haram
Boko Haram Terrorism

This organization has many names. After joining the Islamic state and the oath of allegiance, it obtained one more. The list of names:

  • Boko Haram,
  • Black Taliban,
  • Nigerian Taliban,
  • West African Province of the Islamic State,
  • Society of supporters and disseminators of the teachings of the Prophet and jihad.

The most common name of their organization, it has received from local residents. The phrase came from the name of the city and means "Western education is sinful". Even the names of the group follow their basic motives and goals:
Terrorism In Nigeria

  1. They believe that even those who call themselves Muslim, including rulers of the country, succumbed to sin, having taken over the set of European values.
  2. Boko Haram intends to depose the government and to "put it on their knees" (quote from the response to the negotiations’ offer).
  3. They consider necessary everyday living with the universal introduction of Sharia law.
  4. Favorably would abolish all that contradicts Islamic traditions, including secular education(any educational system that counter to assertions of Islam religion), the right to vote in elections and wearing European clothes, such as shirts and pants).

    Black Taliban Terrorism In NigeriaMost of the organization is assembled of representatives of the people of Kanuri. However, as the locals hardly able to understand their language a common language Hausa is used.

The organization was founded in 2002; however, the peak of its activity came in the beginning of 2009 and continues to this day. Initially, the first ideologist of the organization built a mosque and a school, where the fundamentals of religion were taught. And people were prepared to live in much more stringent laws than those that are present now, though officially the country already lives under Sharia law.

A few years later, the organization began to make small aggressive sorties, attacking guards. Over time, this practice has evolved into much more dangerous activities. The first attempt to seize power and reinterpret it in their requirements was tried in the year of 2009. Then the group was defused by local law enforcement. It took another four years to recognize it as terrorist organization officially, and its activities as illegal and persecuted.

 Islamic State TerrorismRegular attacks continue in present times. The number of victims of terrorism, including the result of acts of suicide bombers, growing inexorably.
One of the most high-profile and large-scale operation was the kidnapping of nearly three hundred schoolgirls from one of the high schools of the country due to the fact that "girls need to get married and leave the educational facility".Over the past five years, the government has made ​​periodic attempts to negotiate with the representatives of this organization. So far not a single attempt has been successful– the militants’ mood is very aggressive.

Possible Causes Of Terrorism In Nigeria

In addition to religious conflicts, terrorism generally, according to the statistics and analyzes, arises and thrives for several reasons. Causes of extreme terrorism in Nigeria are:
Causes Of Terrorism 2

  • low living standards (poverty),
  • the high level of unemployment,
  • ethnic conflicts in society,
  • fast changes of government,
  • the influx of immigrants,
  • communication with known terrorist organizations.

Boko Haram confirmed, though without the details, their connection with Al-Qaeda. 
In addition, Nigeria has a very developed and a close relationship with Pakistan, which is also included in the list of Islamic-sworn countries. This can explain the presence of international links and support from other countries. On the other hand, after the official recognition of them as a terrorist aggregation, one of the American newspapers made an article under the headline tells that, because of this recognition, these killers cannot count on the support (including financial one) from the USA.

Prospects for the eradication of terrorism

It is difficult to imagine at present time when and if Boko Haram will step back, and the conflict will be settled. If the negotiations will not be conducted in the nearest future, Nigeria could see a huge number of violent actions done by these terrorists. The last attempt was made to settle the conflict in March, 2015 and it was unsuccessful.  It is impossible also to satisfy the requirements of this organization. READ ALSO:Is Nigeria An Islamic Country?

 eradication of terrorism

Causes of terrorism in Nigeria are several. However, to avoid the development of the already colossal conflict, the only thing that country can do is an attempt to improve the living standards of the population. The more developed the country is, the smaller the threat from terrorists exists. Radical Islamists represent a great danger for the civilian population.

Their work has already taken thousands of lives. And the worst thing is that all the acts committed, according to the terrorists, are done in the name of good. Sooner or later, these steps will lead to an open war. Once entered, it may pull all the allied countries of this Islamic state and Nigeria will have to take the support of more powerful nations.

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