Check out what Tanzanian President did for a disabled man

What act of kindness the president of Tanzania made for a disabled man? Why the society was impressed and how this act may influence other people? Check out here!

Tanzanian President

Recently, the president of Tanzania saw the disabled man who used his bicycle to move around. Therefore he is going to buy a motorized tricycle for him. The most surprising fact here is that he will use money from his salary to do that.  The motorized tricycle will be handed out in a week.

diabled man

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The major problem in Tanzania

There are a lot of people in Tanzania who live with a disability; their amount equals to 3.5 million. Most of them are living in poverty. They can’t afford motorized cycles which cost a lot of money. Therefore they have a lot of challenges in their everyday life.

Tanzanian President kind

The President of Tanzania has taken a little step to solving this problem by helping one person. This act of kindness shows all of us, how important it is to look after each other and help others.

Watch the video below.

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