Chibok girls: How many girls were recently saved?

How many girls were released from Boko Haram and how did it happen? Have some of the girls died or suffered? Read the article to learn the latest information about this sensational event.

Chibok girls rescued

Chibok, Nigeria: 6 Chibok girls rescued

The latest Chibok kidnapping girl news is known. In the northeast of Nigeria, in the city of Maiduguri, the car filled with explosive has exploded. It still remains unknown how the Nigerian authorities managed to release the kidnapped schoolgirls. On the 14th of August, fighters have posted the video. The leader of the group has suggested exchanging girls for all arrested fighters. However, the management has refused. 'A part of girls has died as a result of airstrikes. Some of them have married' — he declared. Four girls managed to run away.

In the middle of the spring of the year before fighters of radical Islamist group Boko Haram have kidnapped not less than 270 Nigerian schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State in the northeast of Nigeria. The extremist group reaches creation of the Islamic caliphate on the whole territory of Nigeria. In the middle of the spring of 2015, it has changed the name on 'the West African province of Islamic State'. Boko Haram, sworn on fidelity to ideals of the Islamic State, is guilty of death about 15.000 citizens of the country.

Chibok kidnapping girl news

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The vice-president of Yemi Osinbajo has visited girls in DSS after they have been returned on Federal Capital Territory. The president's representative said in his statement: ‘Release of girls is a result of negotiations between administration and Boko Haram, supported by the International Red Cross and the Swiss government. Negotiations will continue.’

The president was glad for the release of girls. However, he has warned Nigerians that more than 30.000 fellow citizens have been killed as a result of terrorism. He also guaranteed to provide safe release of girls and to reunite them with their families. 'It is a result of the round-the-clock efforts of the administration to solve a problem of the kidnapping of girls. We want to thank all Nigerians for their support and for the fact that they never lost confidence in the ability of the president to provide safety of Chibok girls.

The minister has declared that release of girls can mean a new phase of the war against terrorism. He has added: 'Regardless of the fact that it will turn out in, we will try to receive control over a mutiny of Boko Haram, and we will make it by means of a military operation, peace talks and dialogue. I think that in general, fight against a mutiny is a combination of a carrot and stick. The federal government will continue to use such way.

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