Chibok girls: will they get free schooling in Osun?

Are Chibok girls back and up for free schooling? Learn the news now.

Many people have lost faith in recovering kidnapped Chibok girls, who got taken away from their homes and families by Boko Haram. It was a bitter tragedy that took place in Nigeria. Finally after 2 years some of them got back home.

 news on Chibok girls

May news on Chibok girls

President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari was among those who believed the girls would be returned home even after such a long absence. In May 2016 one of the first girls named Amina Ali returned to Abuja. She met with press and the president and presented them her newborn baby.

The day was a happy one for everyone. President Buhari promised to defeat Boko Haram and hoped to return Chibok girls home. The parents and people were happy to see them back. However, the lives of many of these girls have been changed forever. Some of them already have husbands and kids.

May news on Chibok girls

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Surely being under Boko Haram bondage these girls had no chance of getting any education. Many of their dreams are never to come true unless they get good schooling.

Osun schooling for the 2 rescued Chibok girls

May news on Chibok

The good news is that a private school in Osun offered to take in Chibok girls and provide them with free education. Serah Luka and Amina Alli are to get free boarding and tuition in Kunike International School. That may provide them with the needed recovery and opportunities in life to make their dreams come true and change their destiny for better. That is some good news for Naija. 

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