Conspiracy theory: What is the New World Order?

What do you know about the New World Order? How does it apply to reality? Read more to find out!

The New World Order

The New world order is something bigger than mere term. Many people through the world connect these words with conspiracy theories.  The definition of the term may explain many things in the world. The New world order is a term which used in conspiracy theories to explain the control of globalization processes throughout the world. Nevertheless, the history of this term is quite abundant, but it was firstly used in the twentieth century. The New World Order is also considered as a translation for the “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” despite the fact that a correct translation is the new order of a century or epoch.

new order of a century or epoch

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The New world order phrase or its Latin version Novus Ordo Seclorum comes from the conspiracy brotherhood like Illuminati and Masonry. Therefore, it`s believed, that these organizations control the world with their tools. This phrase was firstly announced after the USA gained the independence from Great Britain. In this time, many believed that the independence of the USA provided a new era for the world. Especially for the rulers of that time. As it`s known, that after gaining independence of the USA, the world became different, and the old Europe start blazing with revolutions. Nevertheless, it`s believed that the Founding Fathers placed Novus Ordo Seclorum on the banknotes just to celebrate and secure the new epoch for a newly independent country.

 Novus Ordo Seclorum

The twentieth century provided us a new meaning of the New World Order. The first and second world war completely changed the politician powers in the Europe. With the first world war, the greatest countries like Osman Empire, Russian Empire and other fall into the oblivion of history. It also raised the newly raised tension between the capitalistic USA and communistic USSR together with Fascist Germany. The New World order couldn`t last in peace for a long time.

New World Order

The Second world war consequences were tragic. Millions of people died to establish a new world order which was now completely divided into red and blue factions. Therefore, it was started the Cold War. The great wars did not happen, but the new world order demanded to keep it in peace conditions. Unfortunately, both rivals saw the only opportunity to keep peace in armoring up. Therefore, they preferred to build missiles and wage small conflicts throughout the world to keep the peace. The New World Order after the Second World War provided the colonial countries the ability to establish independence.

political crisis in 2014

The last time when the politics and analysts started to the notion the phrase the New World Order was a time after a fall of Soviet Union. The crushing of such country provided the ability to establish capitalism in post-Soviet Union countries. Moreover, it started the sequence of the peaceful revolution in post-Soviet Union countries. The New World Order in the modern can be called a Period after the political crisis in 2014 between Russia and the USA together with EU over Ukraine. This tension provoked almost renewed cold war between countries. Only that time they should be aware of other members of world community who desire to have an upper hand in geopolitical games.

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