Did Buhari's wife got pregnant from him at the age of 12?

When the information that the wife of Buhari have got pregnant at the age of 12 occurred? How old is Buhari’s wife now? Read the article to learn hot details about the family of Nigerian president.

Buhari's wife

The wife of President of Nigeria Buhari, Aisha is a victim of bad treatment to children. How it all started? Mrs. Buhari was in presidential campaign proposals of her husband in Edo state. She described Edo women as prostitutes, and asked the administration of her husband to stop prostitution of women of Edo abroad. Aisha Buhari was born on 29 September in 1979. According to the latest date, Buhari's wife age is now 35 years old. This means that when Buhari's age was 47 years, in 1989 he slept with Aisha at the age of 9 years. The girl was a minor in accordance with Constitution of Nigeria. It means that Buhari’s wife is a victim of constant child rape and her actions are understandable. Aisha got pregnant at the age of 12. This is a chilling story about Buhari who desecrated Aisha as a young child, while she was visiting the oldest daughter of Buhari. It is paradoxical that the woman with such injuries condemns other women colleagues in misfortune.

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