Do u think Nigeria first lady belong to the kitchen

I don't really knw what is happening to Nigeria pls my good people there is solution for everything in life so I think we should do something on time am ready to fight for Nigeria

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Hi! I saw this question and have decided to give it a try and answer it.

If you are talking about the First Lady of Nigeria, you have to admit that no one perfect. And you are not perfect either. However, there are certain qualities that you expect to see in people that are assigned to high positions like this one.

Aisha Buhari has power in her hands, and in many cases she is using it wisely. She is known to be a quiet, gentle and unassuming woman whose husband respects her and tries to take her suggestions into account. She has helped Nigeria in many ways. She took care of the children suffering from malnutrition, having no shelter or being left with no proper care. She raised concerns about Child sexual abuse and called for action against human trafficking in the country.

The phrase about belonging to the kitchen goes back to October 2016 when the President Buhari commented on the requests by the journalists about the way Aisha responded to the upcoming elections. She stated that unless her husband takes the current authorities under control, she won't support his candidacy at the elections. He noted that her words are of great value to him, and that "I don't know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room."

She seems to be doing a lot for the state, even though she always had all the rights to flee corruption and frequent troubles she meets in Nigeria. She stays and she tries to make a difference. Apart from being beautiful and wise, she is also patriotic. So, how about this and all the "kitchen" discussion?

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