Doctor strike in Nigeria: when is it to start?

Are doctors go striking indefinitely in Nigeria? Find out now.

Doctor strike in Nigeria

Various pay actions and industrial disturbances, such as NLC strike, are listed among the things that keep Nigerian economy down and undermine it. They create various social problems for the country, especially when it’s a doctor strike! When is the next one due?

When and why is the doctor strike to begin?

NARD (National Association of Resident Doctors) plans to start a strike on June 9. And there is no end date to it. They have sent out a public warning on June 7, just two days before it should start. Doctor strike would be nationwide.

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when is it to start Doctor strike

It was offered and set up at the annual meeting of the NARD council held in Jos. The association includes 58 medical institutions, and only 16 of them will keep on their work during this time.

Earlier NARD has presented the Federal Government with their petition and a list of requests. FG failed to satisfy them. The decision to obtain from work is a very painful one for doctors, but it has to be made. Workers of their industry are not getting paid timely and in full amount. So, the civil servants decided to strike until all their demands get met. Hopefully, president Buhari and the government would be able to settle the matter in these two days before the start.

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