Dogs vs. people: who gets better pay in Nigeria?

Do you think government squanders money? Learn how dogs in NIgeria get better pay than people.

Recently chief inspector of Nigerian police has declared that they spend large over 600 million naira for purchase and feeding of the dogs bought abroad. Despite of this, these animals are not always capable to protect the Nigerian territory or to perform other state tasks.

police dogs in nigeria

The man considers that such expenses are wrong. It's all caused by the lack of finances in the regions. The government doesn't have enough for providing all animals.

money scandal in nigeria

That's why the center of dogs' cultivation was constructed. It will reduce expenses spent for purchase of foreign animals. Besides, their quantity can increase, because it's possible to breed more than 200 of them in a year (so much they used to purchase).

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According to the policeman, opening of this center can help the service to become more qualitative and will increase safety level in Nigeria. The amount of animals will be enough for all west territory. In addition, inhabitants would have an opportunity to find other jobs, except of police one.

police and dogs in nigeria

Due to these events, the chief representatives of constabulary service were awarded.

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