Donald Trump naked statues are up for sale

American anarchists played a joke on serious Donald Trump, who is running for president.And thereby they help refugees

statue Donald Trump for president

Anarchistic group INDECLINE held an action aimed at ridiculing the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Statues policies in a life-size nude were exposed on Thursday morning in public places in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle.

statue Donald Trump

These project anarchists titled The Emperor Has No Balls. A few months before, the band has covered a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame names of blacks killed by the police. The anarchists were preparing to new action for four months, they were inspired by the tale of the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen's "Emperor's New Clothes" - about the self-confident ruler, convinced that he was dressed in some wonderful apparel, but in fact - naked. Also the idea was to make fun of authoritarian tradition to erect monuments of great leaders.

Donald Trump

However, unlike most of the monuments to politicians, the image of Trump "is far from flattering" - inflated lips, eyes furrowed, the skin almost like a reptile, an essential element of the male reproductive system is missing, and the other is much reduced, the newspaper notes. Each statue weighs 36 kilograms and is glued to the base by an industrial epoxy. To create the statues of the sculptor, who identified himself as "Ginger", he used the clay and silicone.

Overall, the project obviously had a huge success with the Americans. Eyewitnesses noted that the statues have not only impressive size belly, but also a complete lack of genitalia. "Whether we like it or not, Trump has become a legendary figure in world culture. In the history of these individuals is always immortalized in sculpture and revered, "- ironically commented on their act "sculptors" Many passersby were happy when they saw nude statues of the presidential candidate, and some even dared to kiss his impressive orange belly ...While others have tried to copy the characteristic posture Trump.

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statue Donald Trump

Passers have expressed keen interest to the sculptures - around them began to gather people to photograph and shoot video. The statues were placed illegally, and members of the group entered into a bet which city: where the sculpture will stay longer. "I do not expect that it will last more than 30-45 minutes," - the sculptor said, adding that he would like to see how someone from angry supporters Trump tries to knock down his bare hands.

statue Donald Trump

But parks management employees of New York removed the inconsistent sculpture. According to management spokesman, in city parks is forbidden to erect unauthorized installation of any size.

remove statue of Donald Trump

But the story doesn’t finish…

The statue of a naked Donald Trump sold at auction in October, and the money from the sale will give a charitable group that helps immigrants. The organizers hope to sell the monument of The Emperor Has No Balls for $ 10 000 to $ 20 000. Most of the statues were confiscated or destroyed by local authorities. Organizers will sell a statue from Los Angeles; she is the only "survived".

Donald Trump

Statue Trump is not the only object of the so-called street art at auction in Los Angeles. As in real life, the statue of Trump will compete with the Republican State Hillary Clinton. Her portrait called Hillary Clinton Cojones, showing the ex-Secretary of State in a tuxedo, auction organizers pre-estimated at 15 thousand dollars.

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