Effects of terrorism – 5 top for Nigeria

Think terrorism is horrible? Look at the real effects for real people in Nigeria and do all you can to stop or prevent it!

Nowadays there’re lots of global problems that impact the humanity. Terrorism is considered to be one of the most frightful and widespread ones. The effects of terrorism can negatively affect our families, children, relatives and the whole life.

Effects of terrorism – 5 top for Nigeria

First, let’s find out what the term means. In general, it is any act that causes terror.  However, it’s hard to give a concrete definition, because it’s quite controversial. It may be done to a political object or a group of plain people, by terrorist group or by an individual (on religious reasons, for instance). Thus, different people give various explanations to the term. Terrorism denotes the use of violence and threats to frighten people in order to achieve a particular purpose (especially political one). The other definition says that it’s a terroristic way of governing. However, the first one looks more common for the modern society.

Key features and causes

There are several main characteristics of this action. They include the following:

  • political aims and motives,
  • violence or at least threats of it,
  • psychological repercussions,
  • usually prepared and planned by a group of people.

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Nevertheless, there are many different . They include:

  1. Ethno-nationalism. Terrorist groups may appear when the population does not like the government by any reason and want to form a new one. For example, it usually happens when a certain state   wants to get independence from the colonial masters.
  2. Effects of terrorism Discrimination. Terrorism may appear when a particular group feels alien in the society. Usually they face different kinds of discrimination, which finally leads to the complete isolation. It more often happens to the people from Muslim states. Such condition makes them look for the others like them. After a while definite ideology gets formed extremist in its nature. This is a frequent case in European states. In France, for instance, there is a headscarf law, which discriminates Muslims and makes them radicalized.
  3.   Religion. Despite of the public thinking it isn’t the biggest cause of terrorism. However, it still plays an essential role in the forming of this occurrence. Nowadays it mostly concerns Islamic fundamentalism. They want to reestablish the past glory and to build a powerful Islamist state. The danger lies in the encouragements of attacks. It makes people carry suicide bombs because they are promised to get an afterlife reward.
  4.  terrorism for NigeriaSocio-economic status. Absence of upward mobility in society and a sense of deprivation may also lead to terrorism. Because of the globalization processes and mass media, everyone is aware of the other’s welfare. Now people can compare themselves with the others. And it makes some of them feel frustrated and victimized. It often occurs in undeveloped countries when they see how people in the Western world live. The hostilities grow and people develop hatred. The only way to avoid it is to develop the country and its economy. However, it takes time.
  5.   Political grievances. It is close to the ethno-nationalism. But people here just want to shift the political regime and not the state itself. They attack the political order only. It may lead to the anger outburst and finally to violence.
  6. Effects of terrorism for NigeriaThe accidental guerrilla. This is a theory when a terrorist organization moves to a particular country and spread its ideology. Then they carry out some violent acts and when outside forces come, the population usually supports the terrorists. Thus, more and more terrorists appear.

Kinds of terrorism

Nowadays with the technological and scientific development more and more types of terrorism appear. The most frequent ones include:

State terrorism. There’re cases in the history when states have used force against people. They often did so to reach definite political goals. It is also connected to the international terrorism. For example, the US considers Iran the sponsor of attacks.

Bioterrorism. It happens when special toxic biological agents terrorize and harm the population. The United States Center for Disease Control has classified all the viruses, bacteria and toxins that can be used in an attack. The “A” group is the most dangerous. It contains:

  • Effects of terrorism Anthrax,
  • Botulism,
  • the Plague,
  • Smallpox,
  • Tularemia,
  • Hemorrahagic fever.

Cyberterrorism. As we have already mentioned new forms of terror appear with the technological development. This is a kind of new type. Cyberterrorists harm people by means of modern technologies. They usually apply computer systems of the Internet. They often aim at disrupting network services. People who do so may be called hackers.

 terrorism Ecoterrorism. It is violence, which concerns environment. Such terrorists usually sabotage industrial properties or any actors harming nature and animals (like fur companies or animal research laboratories). 

Narcoterrorism. Nowadays it is connected with the terrorists who use drugs as the funding.

The Effects of Terrorism in Nigeria

Terrorismin Nigeria has become one of the greatest problems as well as all over the world. It influences not only people who have become the unwilling participants of the action but also their families, friends, and even strangers.

Effects of terrorism – 5 top for Nigeria 1The victims of terrorism often lose their lives. And it is the worst effect. People can die. They are in constant danger. The second one is the mental thing. How the families of the victims and their friends feel. They do not know if a person survives. And if he or she doesn’t it is a great grief which chases people through the whole life.

It has its influence on the people who are not even connected with the act. Mass media gives this information out and many of us start thinking of it over and over again. These thoughts might lead to the depression and unintentional fear. People are afraid of being in such a situation or just worry about their beloved ones.

Besides, terrorism impairs the economy. The investors can become skeptical of starting their business in a particular place with the unstable situation. Moreover, lots of money are spent on the struggle against terrorism.

Effects of terrorism 1As you see, the effects are only negative. That is why people all over the world need to unite and try to find the way to deal with it and avoid the attacks. Effective preventive measures should be also created to make this fight successful.

Terrorism is a global problem, which concerns not only the government but also plain people. Even if you or your relatives are not the victims, it has a very bad influence on your mental health and may lead to the real depression.

As the world goes on more and more new types of terrorism appear. Terrorists use technologies, biological weapons (even viruses), and many other things to reach their purpose. There might be different reasons for such attacks, which may include not only political or religious ones.  It’s better to avoid any kind of discrimination to prevent terrorism. To fight this problem successfully we need to understand the reasons and purposes of the people doing it. We need to study them and unite in this struggle. The effects of terrorism concern everyone in the world with no exceptions. Thus, no one must be indifferent to this tragedy of all the humanity.

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Terrorism, that it generates social danger for commission of criminal acts, with intention of causing death to people, that captured as hostages. Feature of terrorism is deliberate creation of climate of fear, depression, tension. Fear is created not for sake of fear, but as means achieve goal of terrorists, that is, fear is not ultimate goal. When terrorist uses violence some people, but impact in order induce certain behavior appear on other faces. This causes all negative consequences for country and whole world.

Answered 2 years ago.

Terrorism in the country is very horrible thing. Terrorists kill innocent people, destroying homes, buildings. Generally destroyed the entire infrastructure of the city and country. Terrorists distort the outlook of people, their vision of the conflict situation. Fraudulently draw people to his side, a negative forcing them to adjust and thus to fight (or a political conflict or a religious or others.). The larger wave of terrorism develop, the harder it mute and establish peace. It is also difficult to restore the infrastructure area. This takes a long time and finance.

Answered 2 years ago.

Hello to all who are interested in the topic and questions! Really a very sensitive issue as it concerns the life and death of innocent innocent people and children. Terrorism - a disaster every country that destroys the happiness and welfare of the family! And no one can stop this terrible attack of evil throughout the world. And how no innocent souls took all explosions by terrorists .. We can cite many examples, but life did not return ..In the picture, who submitted the article very hard to watch without tears ..

Answered 2 years ago.

Hi all on this website! Indeed terrorism - is one of the problems known and widespread around the world! This misfortune, grief that catches many people and families in different moments when grief is not waiting .. How many people, children and families perished at the hands of terrorists .. This violence continues dilshi may not be any way to stop it .. Innocent people die .. in my opinion, the authorities of every country should think about this problem, which now becomes more and more .. Therefore we can not remain indifferent and watch as others are killed by terrorists !!!

Answered 2 years ago.

It is painful to see the photo. Terrorism is very scary. After his family suffer great losses, collapsing infrastructure areas. Dying civilians and that the worst and hurt children. Most terrorist acts caused political conflicts. I think that has to be so. After all, we the people, those who carry out terrorist attacks and those who die during them. In countries where there is the widespread terrorism is very difficult to grow and prosper. For many tourists afraid to visit these countries. It is very difficult psychological state of the people in the country through which they can work productively.

Answered 2 years ago.

Scary and sad tolook at it ... fighting among themselves tthe policy & suffer the simple, peaceful people ... When mankind willbecome good? Why be so cruel? I still hope && expect that peoplle will beccome more humane, humane ... After all, we are all brothers and sisters, weall have children, motthers, fathers, relatives ... Maybe one day people willl undersstand thatthe war didnot lead anything, only demolish evrything, andit's very scary. Let'sbe kinder, we will help those in need, be polite, be smarter.

Answered 2 years ago.
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