Election Postponed, Whose Joy or Pain?

Prof. Sagay portrayed INEC decision to postpone Feb. 12 election as " threat to our democracy". In my deep measure, INEC decision is for the best interest of the contestants, Nigerians and our growing democracy because it adhered to the rule of our electoral laws, it created time for the politicians to tell Nigerians more on why the should be voted for, it also aimed at improving security of lives of the voters and to encourage mass participation of people in the elections. It is obviously ideal that, is not your joy neither my pain or anybody trouble that the elections is postponed. Thus, it is unjust and act of national sabotage for someone to sit somewhere and claim that INEC action is a threat to our democracy. The statement is uncalled for, hence INEC was in right position of the law for its decision. Perhaps, our constitution is not meant to threat our cooperate existence but to enhance our national unity and peaceful transition through free, fair and credible election. Gov, Isa Yuguda of Bauchi state, reiterated that, "elections postponement is an act of God" I wish we all share this faith as well meaning Nigerians. Rescheduled dates of the elections are not far fetching, let remain calm for the days we resolute to make history for the changes we want to see, this the only way we can add beautiful decorations to our democracy.

God bless Nigeria and less her enemies.

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