Escapee Chibok girl wants to come back to her Boko Haram spouse

When and where escaped girl from Chibok was found? Did her husband, Mohammed Hayatu, was also kidnapped by Boko Haram? Read the article to learn the latest scandal news about the kidnapped Chibok girl.

Boko Haram

Last Sunday Boko Haram published videos, having shown several girls and has demanded release of fighters in exchange for them. Kidnapping of 276 girls from school in Chibok, in northeast Nigeria in April 2014 has attracted national and attention of the international community. Efforts of female activists in Maiduguri have caused global protests and offers of support from the governments around the world. The attention hasn't ceased even if to take into account that 855 days later after stealing most of girls had to come home. Recent video has shown that some of them are still living in terrorists' hands that has repeatedly make a beginning to national and international debates and scandals.

Though stealing from Chibok and inability to provide release of girls already became symbolical, the fact that at least 2000 women and girls have been kidnapped since January 2014 remains terrifying. Those who manage to run away and escape appear in improper living conditions. They are often left by families, friends and society.

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 Escaped Chibok girl story

Escaped Chibok girl story

One of the kidnapped Chibok's girls, Amina Ali Nkeki, who has managed to run away from camp of Boko Haram recently and has been found by participants of JTF, says she misses her Boko Haram spouse. According to the girl, she doesn't know about his location and wants to be with him again. She said: ‘I am not happy that now I am far from him’. Addressing the father of her child, she said: 'I want you to know that I still think about you and the fact that now we are far apart doesn't mean that I have forgotten about you'.

Amina was the first escaped Chibok girl, who was rescued since their kidnapping in 2014. She has returned on freedom from terrorists three months ago, remaining captured more than two years. The young girl was married to the fighter of Boko Haram with whom she has a daughter, Safiyar. Ms. Amina and her husband were found together after they have been noticed wandering at the edges of Sambisa wood. According to some news and assumptions, they have run away from camp as a result of hunger.

Activists of BBC have confirmed that Amina has been found by group of rescuers in Sambisa wood, close to border with Cameroon. She has been identified by civil fighter, the member of civil community Joint Task Force (JTF) – the group created to help in war against Boko Haram. During their rescue, her husband identified as Mohammed Hayatu said that he has also been kidnapped by Boko Haram. Now he is in military detention for interrogation by the Nigerian investigation center.

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