Failed coup attempt: Turkey gives thanks to Nigera for support

Recently in the news, Turkey Ambassador expressed the gratitude to the Nigerians for the support of the democracy elected President Erdogan. Military Coup in Turkey failed, but what are the consequences?

Coup D`etat

Coup D`etat in Turkey failed, and now this country expresses all type of gratitude to the countries who supported the Turkish Government in times of disaster. Several hundred people died in one day during the attack of rebelled military forces. Any country did not support the military coup in Turkey. Nigeria is one of the countries that expressed its support to the democracy elected leader of Turkey, Mr. Erdogan. When the Coup started, supporters of Tayyip Erdogan in Nigeria gathered in a peaceful meeting near the International Conference Center at the Turkish Embassy. Little Turkey and Musiyad organized the support Erdogan manifestation.

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Turkey Coup

During the peaceful protest in the name of supporting current government in Turkey, protesters waved Turkish National Flags, Prayed and sing solidarity to the President Erdogan songs. Mr. Hakan Cakil, who is currently the ambassador of Turkey in Nigeria, expressed thankfulness to the people on meeting for showing the great support for his countryman. The ambassador also expressed his thoughts about the false attempt of Coup D`etat in Turkey.

Military Coup

According to his message, the Coup was a false attempt to illuminate democracy in Turkey by the power of tanks and guns. Nevertheless, thanks to the support of citizens and international support, the Coup became a failure for rebelled military forces. On the behalf of Government of Turkey, Mr. Hakan Cakil expressed gratitude to the Nigerian citizens and President Muhammadu Buhari for the support of the democracy elected government of Turkey.

Rebelled Turkey

Coup D`etat in Turkey is the first major struggle in this country that happened in the twenty-first century. President Erdogan might not be that supported leader in his country, but a military coup against him is also a coup against democratic institutes in Turkey. That was the main reason why no country in the world supported rebels. Nevertheless, Nigerian support to Turkey was appreciated.

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