Fifty people killed and 53 injured after a fight in a gay nightclub in Orlando, US

The biggest massacre in the history of modern America happened in a gay night club in Orlando where a man shot dead at least fifty people and wounded many more. Read the article to find out the details.

Orlando shooting

As the official news reports show, a man that was born in America, came to a gay club and started shooting at a crowd. How did he come to this? Let’s see his story.

Omar Mateen in his late twenties was a son of Afghanistan migrants. As his parents claim he never showed any aggression against sexual minorities. Only once while walking by the beach they saw two men kissing. Mateen expressed his disgust to the scene; however, he never said a word about hurting any member of the sexual minority.

Orlando massacre

Moreover, he was married, and the marriage was happy at first. His ex-wife who was from Uzbekistan said that he did not show a sign of aggression before the wedding day. Nevertheless, after a few months of marriage he started abusing her.

The marriage only lasted for 4 months; though they only filed their divorce in two years due to a long distance between them then when they lived apart.

Orlando shooting tragedy

He was previously investigated by the FBI as he was suspected of having connection to the ISIS. However, the facts later proved that he only had distant contact with one suicide bomber from Islamic State, so he was released.


Nightclub shooting

On that tragic night, according to the police statement, Mateen was very well-prepared and armed to the teeth. He entered the building of what the visitors called “the hottest LGBT club in the area” and started shooting.

The victims could not hide or run away, as the situation inside the locale of crime was rather confusing. In the view of the loud music and darkness, people got confused, and could not escape right away.

Orlando nightclub shooting

Some of the victims said that the shots lasted as long as a whole song. To protect their lives some of people who were trapped in the club hid in the bathrooms covering themselves with dead bodies. Others would hide in the dressing room while waiting for the police to come.

Most of those who were inside the gay club that night texted their friends and families as well as police informing them of the present situation.

The police entered the club around 5 a.m. They took the hostages to the hospital. As the hospital record shows 39 people (including Mateen) died at the club while other eleven people died at the hospital. As many as fifty-three clubgoers were wounded and thus left at the Orlando Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Orlando pulse nightclub

The authorities published the names of deceased at the official website of the city. The youngest deceased was twenty years old.

In the view of this situation President Obama expressed his deep grief to the friends and families of the deceased. He also emphasized that his government will reconsider the gun control. We do not yet the information what gun control he meant by saying this.

No terroristic organization claimed responsibility for this incident. However, the FBI agent said that there was one message on ISIS forum. It was in Arabic, and the language was not quite distinct. The message said that there was a massacre in the gay club in Orlando, and the terrorist was a fighter of the Islamic State.

Nightclub shooting mourning

The officials do not prove this information. Meanwhile, the members of ISIS express their support to the act.

The family of the terrorist state that he was not religious, at least from what they knew. So probably this act was not an expression of his beliefs. However, we will not know the answers till the end of the investigation.

This is a real grief for the whole world. Every life matters, and it is painful to see how one person can take so many lives just as an act of hatred.

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