Fuel scarcity in Nigeria causes and consequences

What does fuel scarcity has to do with the cost of living in NIgeria? What causes energy crisis and when the things would get better?

Fuel scarcity in Nigeria has recently become a big problem. To understand the situation better, we need to know about the key causes of the issue. Rising cost of living makes people go through hardships. And the fuel crisis makes everything even worse.

fuel scacity in nigeria 2016

Causes of fuel scarcity in Nigeria

Energy crisis frightens people, as their life has become even more difficult. It is hard to believe that the state, which has been considered one of the top oil-producing, faces such troubles. This fact makes lots of people ask: what is the cause of fuel scarcity in Nigeria now? Let’s look at the main ones:

causes of fuel scarcity

  • Every seller wants to get more profit. This fact makes them to buy fuel at lower price (which is stated by government and totals about N87), and then sell it for N100 or even N150. People need fuel, so they are ready to pay such great amounts.
  • Distribution problems. For the marketers it is often hard to bring the fuel to every part of Nigeria. Besides, the government only makes sure, they distribute it to Lagos farms.
  • Refineries are not used. Otherwise, very large amounts of cruel oil might be refined.
  • The marketers have not been payed enough, which forced them to limit the importation of petroleum, because of lack of finances.

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Cost of living in Nigeria

Cost of living in Nigeria

The country's extremely dependable of oil importation. Moreover, it needs fuel to fulfill own necessities. That’s why the crisis has a great impact on the life. Cost of living in Nigeria, Lagos has increased very much. The thing is that every plain person is vulnerable. Besides, the prices for transportation have become higher. What is more, Nigerians now have to pay more for almost all the goods and services on the market.

It is not only financial issue. People experience discomfort, because there are long queues for petroleum. They sometimes have to wait for hours. The issue of fuel first appeared in 1990s. Before that time, there were no troubles with petroleum products in Nigeria. The current problem provokes lots of criticism of Buhari administration. New technologies must be applied to get enough production, as the simple domestic usage of fuel should never be a problem.

How to solve the fuel scarcity problem?

fuel scarcity lagos

The wise steps might help to manage with the issue of fuel scarcity. The easiest and most urgent ones include:

  • Any possible leakages in oil depots must be examined and fixed. 
  • Refineries must be build (or repaired, if they are out of order).
  • Extra storage facilities need to be provided to be able to deliver fuel even in the case of crisis.
  • Tanker drivers must have escorts.
  • It is essential to make sure oil is sold to consumers.

As the experts claim, the issue cannot be solved very soon. However, the appropriate measures must be taken by the government. Otherwise, people will experience even more hardships in the nearest future.


In all countries of the earth constantly that that deficit. The main thing is not to panic, the time comes, everything will work and everyone will toplevo. As time goes by and more expensive, and all vezde, and including fuel, the seller just will not give it away for nothing. In our time, and so many more amenities, remember the years when even the electrics were not, and in fact it was not that long ago, our grandparents still caught it, and then the slightest problem, which has not yet even reached the people has become a cause for concern. So you need to live and enjoy life, and everything else will be.

Answered 1 year ago.

Chronic fuel shortages in Nigeria have led to the present collapse of the telephone company, banks and transport only four days before the inauguration of muhammadu Buhari as President of Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and an energy supplier. This deficit arose from the reticence of the Nigerian fuel marketers among themselves, gave rise to challenges for transport and traffic in the country. Due to the scarcity of fuel in Nigeria telephone companies, banks and airlines rose to a standstill a few days before the inauguration of the new President. But in such conditions however a lot easier to owners of motorcycles. It is much more economical, requires little fuel and it will pass almost anywhere.

Actually on a motorcycle to travel much easier and more convenient than by car.

Answered 1 year ago.
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