Fulani Herdsmen attack Enugu community again

What are the reasons of regular Fulani attacks on Enugu state in Nigeria? How many people became victims of recent invasion of herdsmen in this area? Read the article to learn all the details about this problem.

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The latest Fulani attack in Enugu

Shepherds Fulani attack Enugu. It is said in news that Catholic seminarian fell a victim of new attack. He was found dead. The seminarian just returned from the work before attack. Murder happened in the area of local government of the state of Enugu. The governor of Ugwuanyi, who rushed off to the place of events after receipt of the message on invasion on Thursday, declared that the government won't suffer such barbarous attack on his people any more. The governor said this morning he received the message on attack of the suspected shepherds on community, during which the seminarian was killed and four more persons are wounded. The police still do investigations of the question. The governor said that he held a meeting with leaders of shepherds and management of safety to consider a situation and to take proper measures.

The governor felt sympathy for families of dead, and assured them that the government would do everything possible to guarantee that criminals received the punishment. He said that management of safety would continue to take adequate measures to provide protection of lives and property. The chairman of security service told that this attack was committed because of provocation. The wife of killed priest prohibited the cattle of Fulani to be grazed on her farm located behind her house.

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When the woman saw that the cattle were grazed on her farm, she used a gong, which frightened the cattle off from the room. Shepherds became furious. Later they intruded in property of the woman and committed an assault, during which the expectant mother and three other family members came under death with a machete. He also told that the seminarian heard shouts of the woman and ran out to see what occurred, but was killed. According to the head, the victims received deadly cuts from machete and were in critical condition. Now they are in hospital.

One more assault was committed when on the market square the gang of Muslim youth beheaded the Christian, the wife of pastor of the church. Everything occurred directly near her husband who was powerless to help her. Later they accused her of an insult of Muhammad. Several weeks later in Abuja one more Christian, the pastor's wife was killed. She shared the gospel with her neighbors. In a week, the crowd more than from 100 people attacked church on the suburb of the capital of Nigeria. And after all, this persecution of Christians don't die away.

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‘It is new jihad — the pastor of church from the central part of Nigeria explains. — In their attacks Muslims use sophisticated weapon, sometimes even chemical. Often attacks take place in the middle of the night when everyone sleeps’. From the middle of June Muslim Fulani herdsmen cruelly killed at least 133 Nigerian Christians. These people plunder and burn houses and churches, destroy crops and break families. Shepherds of Fulani repeatedly attacked Christians because of their belief and because of the earth. Many believers are engaged in farming while Fulani often own herds and, respectively, need big land areas for their pasture. However, land disputes are often used only as a pretext for attack on Christians. The federal government intends to create storages of forage for cattle to settle problems between Christian farmers and shepherds, but church leaders told that it would be remuneration for the last problems that they give to Christian communities of the central part of Nigeria.

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