Fulani vs. Hausa: What was the reason of a clash in Oko Oba Abattoir?

What are the reasons of new conflict between Hausa and Fulani tribes? How did the conflict begin and who helped to prevent it? Read the article to learn the latest details about the recent fight between two tribes.

Hausa and Fulani a new conflict

Hausa and Fulani – a new conflict

Three persons were killed and about 20 people were wounded with various degrees of severity during men of Hausa and Fulani faced in the field of the Slaughterhouse of Oko Oba Abattoir in Lagos state. It was concluded that collision happened between sellers of cattle and scrap sale dealers. Sources told that scrap sale dealers, who are representatives of Hausa, charged the head of Fulani people of demolition of hovels in the field of departing officials of Nigeria Railway Corporation, where they did their business. According to some information, the conflict broke out after the woman from Hausa was attacked by the person from Fulani, who purchased a food at her and refused to pay. Hausa armed with machete and other dangerous weapons stormed Oko Oba Slaughterhouse approximately at 2:00 on Wednesday, where they attacked Fulani, who already slept tight. By 5:00 Hausa began repression and wounded many Fulani and destroyed their property. They destroyed and robbed the market, took money, telephone sets and other valuables. More than 20 units of cattle were wounded, and six vehicles belonging to heads of cattle of the association were damaged by scrap sale dealers.

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Lagos Public relations officer of state police, Dolapo Badmos, confirmed collision: 'The report showed that crisis burst as a result of beating of the young girl of Hausa by the person from Fulani tribe. Action didn't find understanding at men of Hausa who were forced to look for revenge. Later the situation worsened and led to serious fight and the subsequent destruction of property. Employees of the team from area, RRS and division of the Slaughterhouse were sent to suppress crisis, and the area was normalized'. He added that the state Commissioner of police, Fatai Owoseni, demanded peace talks between these two groups, and four suspects were arrested by police.

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