Governor Ambode: Land grabbers will get 21-year prison time

What is the new law signed by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode directed to? What are advantages of this law for residents of city of Lagos? Read the article to learn the latest news about changes in civil life of the country.

Land grabbers

Land grabbers won't stay unpunished for use of someone land property any more. The Lagos governor, under leadership of the governor of Akinwunmi Ambode, has signed a new law against occupation of the earth.

He has told that threat of occupation of the earth interfered investors from going to the state. Now they have adjusted the act, according to which the federal government promises 21-year prison term for land grabbers if they are arrested and found guilty.

Governor Ambode has also said that the law will help those who has fallen a victim of grabbers of the earth. After publication of this new law, they will be able to demand compensation, and also to achieve justice and getting back of rights for possession of the lands in the capital city of Lagos.

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Governor Ambode

'Lagos law about Protection of state ownership will give legal support for actions of our law enforcement officers – the governor Akinwunmi Ambode has declared. – The main goal of this law consists in guaranteeing that our investors, businessmen and general population can continue their legal transactions on earth or property occasion without any hindrance or fear to be deceived.

The property law will prevent actions of people or corporate enterprises, which use force and intimidation to interfere the person or enterprise to get lawful support and possession of property. Now the state guarantees that Special Working group will work with all Managements of safety to guarantee implementation of regional rights of private property in the state and appropriate coordination of efforts of various agencies of the government'.

Since the beginning of his work on the post, the governor Akinwunmi Ambode made remarkable things, which show that he has an interest and concern on life of residents of Lagos. Recently he has also signed a new law about safety, which will become a new step to development of wellbeing of local people.

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