Governor of Cross River state opens Calabar Garment Factory

Governor of Cross River state made a new impressive claim! How did he manage to create jobs for a lot of people? What role does Calabar Garment Factory play in this story? Find out here

Cross River State Governor

On Thursday Professor Ben Ayade, who is the Cross River State Governor, approved the contract applying 300 people workers in the new Calabar Garment Factory.

Ben Ayade claimed about the automatic employment of some applicants this Thursday after the different applicants from the southern senatorial regions of the state had succeeded in participation of a job screening exercise by the managers of a garment factory.

Cross River State news

Ben Ayade

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On Thursday in a new statement, which was made to some correspondents, the Cross River State governor told that the gesture was not only in pursuance of their dreams to create some jobs for the citizens of the state, but in order to inspire the young people who were not privileged at all. He also promised to re-employed worker very good salaries and huge welfare package, confirming the commitment of his administration to the benefit of the poor in the state.

The governor said that when they set up that factory, the goal was not just in order to make jobs but, indeed, to guarantee that a lot of young men and women who, unfortunately, have been challenged by different circumstances of their lives and have had less opportunities.

Calabar Garment Factory

Ben Ayade added that he was very excited to be there seeing a lot of people with their great energy – and it is very important for their factory. Don’t forget, the factory has the ability to create more than 3,000 jobs. Truly, if a person wants to call himself a leader, he should focus on the vulnerable and weak people today. The governor guarantees people high salaries, food and also proper transportation. Ayade urged the new workers, which he labeled ‘the great engineers of fashion’, to use the possibility to express their innate potentials and be the pride of the state.

He added, ‘We would like to show to the whole world that Nigerians have skills, real great fashion engineers. I name all of you engineers as you will provide the skills and possibilities, which we have not seen before’.

Calabar Factory

Also the President and Founder of  Africa Young Entrepreneurs, whose name is Oluwa-Summy Francis, said Ayade, justified certain belief that young people can excel in leadership positions.

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