Has Biafra protest stricken Lagos? – Biafra vs. Nigeria case overview

Biafra has been on the minds of people for many months. These events are disturbing, so follow the case and stay tuned to the latest happenings in Nigeria.

The Biafra radio.com case has been troubling the minds of people in Nigeria and outside of it for several months. In the beginning of December 2015 Indigenous People of Biafra have announced about their decision to carry out peaceful gatherings in Lagos to support their leader Nnamdi Kanu. They want him back and liberated from imprisonment as well as being discharged of all the criminal allegations.

Has Biafra protests stricken Lagos?

 Biafra vs. Nigeria case overview 1Lagos authorities have stated that they accept any form of demonstration, as long as it remains peaceful and does not disturb and interrupt the life of the city. However, APC (All Progressive Congress) has warned the IPOB that they would not tolerate any form of manifestations and street activities in Lagos.

Still December 16th IPOB has led people out to the streets protesting against the captivity of their leader. December 17th is to be the second day of the manifestations. The first day had no aggression or trouble happening. People flooded the streets holding banners with Kanu and demanding his release with no charges being set against him.

Will the second day of Lagos protest run as smoothly as the first one? What is more, will the protesters attain the desired results?

Has Biafra protests stricken Lagos 1The case Biafra radio vs. Nigeria has started small, but it has grown big over the last months. It is no longer about the rough and hateful words spoken on air. Presently, SSS (State Security Service) is “digging” out the proof of Kanu being involved in terrorism and financing various terroristic activities. They are carrying out the investigation and seem to have the evidence of the funds being sent from his bank accounts to sponsoring instability and dangerous activities in the country aimed to splitting it in parts.

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 Will the court release Nnamdi Kanu?

Biafra vs. Nigeria case overviewFor now we have no answer to this question. At times internet breaks up by the frightful threats of Biafra going to war unless Nigeria releases the IPOB leader out of custody. Biafran war in the 60ss and 70ss of the last century has carried away many lives of innocent people. It has made children starve and people sharing one land hate and persecute each other. Hopefully, those horrible events would never reoccur in this land again.

So, let us pray for people to have sober mind and peaceful hearts to preserve lives and maintain peace in this shaky and instable situation! 

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