Has Boko Haram finally surrended?

Has Boko Haram eventually surrendered? What are the latest news from Nigeria?

Recently appeared the rumors about that the leader of Boko Haram has decided to give up. Leaders have uploaded video in the Internet. On it, Abubakar Shekau urges to surrender everyone who supported his ideas. According to his worlds, timely retreat will help them to escape. Earlier it was supposed that he was killed. As it has appeared, it is not so. People assume that he has decided to give up to authorities in power of Nigeria, as they are stronger. Shekau was repeatedly exposed to bombings from Nigerian army.

Has Boko Haram finally surrended?

Nevertheless, experts doubt about reliability of this information. Having listened to this record, they haven't heard the exact requirement of the leader to recede. Translators have told that he repeated the same phrases all the time. They sounded approximately so: "I have received your congratulations and messages, Allah will bless you". In addition, he has mentioned deformed caliphate. But there wasn't any appeal to Islamists to refuse the weapon.


 Boko Haram surrended?

Besides, the weapon hung on Abubakar Shekau's shoulder. Therefore, he just couldn't ask others to refuse it, as he does not do it himself.

Watch the original video in the Internet and you will understand everything.


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