Has Nnamdi Kanu become a legend in Nigeria?

Has this court trial on Radio Biafra case turned Nnamdi Kanu into a legend in Nigeria? Find out now.

Chief Guy Ikokwu demand to release IPOB, the leader of Biafra. He believes that long arrest of the man doesn't do well to the country.

 Nnamdi Kanu become a legend in Nigeria?

He also said that the population of rivers state shouldn't participate in civil war. Those, who support Biafra's views, can just watch news about them. According to him: ‘The history has to be a lesson for Nigeria. People have to remember the numerous victims and consequences. Most of population, who have suffered in civil war, was innocent’.

 Nnamdi Kanu legend Nigeria?

However, he believes that the state shouldn't forbid people listening and viewing videos of Biafra. He believes that any foreign product has to be known by population of the country. According to Ikokwu, corruption in the country is much more serious act, than the radio.

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Here what was told by the lawyer concerning IPOB and Nnamdi, which propagandize Radio Biafra: ‘The fact that they are accused of treason to the state is a mistake. Radio Biafra is absolutely ordinary digital tool. It enjoys popularity in Britain and America for a long time. Such tool has already been created earlier. It was brought together in the USA and extended in Nigeria. I consider that foreign information is useful to Nigerians. Freedom of speech and information has to exist in the country. If Nnamdi Kanu is accused of treason, then the most part of the population also has to be accused of viewing and distribution of other information. It's quite silly, isn't it?’

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