Have Fulani herdsmen invaded Wole Soyinka house?

Has Nigeria gotten a new Boko Haram in the shape of Fulani Herdsmen? Find out how they invaded Wole Soyinka house.

Some people state that Fulani herdsmen are the new Boko Haram in Nigeria. Certainly of late these people have created real havoc in the country. They are to blame for multiple and cruel murders and robberies. Presently, Wole Soyinka (Nigerian Nobel Prize winner) got in trouble from them.

wole soyinka house

Has Wole Soyinka’s houses suffered from Fulani herdsmen?

Luckily the poet was not in the country at the time and was not home. In the end of April Soyinka reported his house has been invaded by the Fulani men. They have left a clear cattle trail in, out and through the estate. His home has been there for over 20 years. He used to roam a lot in the nearby woods and noticed how his interactions with the herdsmen changed.

armed fulani herdsmen

Soyinka suspects that the cattle have really nothing to do with the whole ordeal. Rather it is the negative impact of Boko Haram on these people. Local police supports such an opinion and states that the Fulani herdsmen are better armed than they are.

They got guns, bullets and any kind of armory you can think of. Where do they get it from? Well, seems like corruption is not overcome in Nigeria! People sell things to get rich and care nothing for morals or other people’s lives.

fulani herdsmen new boko haram

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Police calls the FG to intervene and punish not only the attackers, but those who sponsor them or sell them arms. Wole Soyinka believes such things can happen in the country only if they are allowed to happen and are tolerated by the community and the government.

Hopefully, President Buhari would take quick steps to deal with the iniquity of Fulani herdsmen and would not allow for the new Boko Haram to terrorize Nigeria or any state of the country.

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