How can Panama Papers impact president Buhari corruption fight?

Hate corruption? Learn what the whole scandal with the Panama Papers is all about. It is a must read story.

What are the Panama Papers? This word combination is tredning on the news these days. What is the whole thing about and what it has to do with Nigeria and president Buhari? 

 president Buhari corruption fight?

One of the largest corruption scandals of the last years has burst on the 3th of April. There was a leakage of 11 million documents in one of the most secret companies of the world, Panama legal firm of Mossack Fonseca.

Thanks to the large-scale leak, which received the name Panama Papers, it became known how the rich men use offshore zones to hide their large sums of money. It undermines authority of many statesmen. Panama Papers contain data on 214 000 false and offshore companies. Among them are gangsters, members of mafia and about 200 high-ranking government officials and ministers from the whole world. There is also information about corruption in Nigeria.

How can Panama Papers impact corruption fight?

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J. Ibori, former senator of Delta, was involved in this scandal. He has been already accused of fraud earlier and has got the prison penal of 13 years. Now he is registered in base of Panama. According to these data, he has appropriated 75 million dollars. The government says that this sum can appear much more. Perhaps, the man has taken away $250 million.

B. Saraki and his wife can also be a participant of corruption. According to these data, he has 4 illegal accounts in offshore territories. However, the man denies it and says that these territories are officially issued. His wife and brother are specified in the list as business partners.

Panama Papers impact president Buhari

Corruption meaning for Nigeria

Finding of Nigerian governors in this list has only strengthened indignations of citizens. Earlier it was considered that there is no essential fight against corruption in the country.

Corruption meaning for Nigeria

President Buhari began to fight corruption consequences. However, many swindlers remain unpunished. Nigerians rely on the leaders, but they are upset that the country was included into the list. If the president continues his anti-corruption activity, it will become possible that Nigeria will be free from corruption.


Corruption is a major problem in many countries, and fight very hard with her, as many are not profitable, and many of her earn a lot of money. So CORUPTION can hardly ever win and did not take bribes. Even those who are against it, break for a lot of money, and so do not CORUPTION pobedima. Especially in those people who have a lot of money. Some are struggling with CORUPTION, dugie not someone is advantageous to others still. I think this article will be a lot of interesting, since corruption affects us all, and we do not mind to get a lot of money for nothing.

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