How did Buhari react to the situation with dog named after him?

How would you react if someone named the dog after you? Some people think it’s disrespectful while others wouldn’t care at all. Find out what president did to the guy who named his pet Buhari.

named dog President Buhari

Sometimes the reaction of the government to certain events can be shocking. About a week ago police arrested the guy who named his dog after President Buhari.

His name is Joe Fortemose Chinakwe and his current occupation is a trader. It was reported by one of Joe’s neighbours that he had been calling his dog Buhari which is the last name of the Nigerian president.

However, it turned out that the trader didn’t mean to insult him and the only reason why he had a dog named after Buhari is because it was his father’s name too.

But nobody wanted to listen to Joe and it was decided that the actions of the 30-year-old man should be seen as crime.

Some reports state that when the police decided to check things out and gather some evidence they didn’t find the dog.

And they think that it’s because the suspect asked their friends to find it and kill it so that no one can prove anything.

At first the family members of Joachim Chinakwe wanted him to be released on bail but it didn’t work because those who accused him said that he would be dead the next day he is out.

Therefore, Joe didn’t agree to bail as he was too scared. But his friends and relatives didn’t want to give up and went up to the police again. However, they found out that he was not there anymore.

The trader was transferred to to Ogun State Police Command headquarters. The journalists were quite curious about this case and they really wanted to talk to the relatives of the suspect.

named dog President Buhari

Therefore, they asked his brother a few questions. A guy who named himself Chiedozie agreed to talk to them. He said that there was no actual reason to arrest Joe as he hadn’t done anything wrong.

It’ the personal business of every person how to call their pets, thinks Chiedozie.

Moreover, his brother mentioned that the suspect really loved dogs and that he was sure Joe didn’t mean anything offensive when he was choosing the name for the puppy.

But the neighbourhood where the trader and his family live isn’t that welcoming. They were the ones who reported this “crime” and they seem like people who aren’t going to give up their goal to punish the 30-year-old Joe.

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Even after it became obvious that the suspect named the dog not after Muhammadu Buhari but after his own father, the haters wouldn’t believe. They started to make even more accusations.

According to them, the behaviour of Joachim Chinakwe was disrespectful and unacceptable. Not only he gave this name to his pet but he also wanted everyone around to know about it.

He wrote ‘Buhari’ on the sides of a dog and it seemed really provocative for the other residents as most of them were Northerners.

So it was a really intense ‘battle’ between those who wanted the trader out and those who wanted him to stay in jail.

The authorities responsible for this case don’t have enough information on the further actions that are going to be taken yet.

named dog President Buhari

But few days after the arrest the police decided to share this story with the media and confirmed that the suspect was under arrest.

They described the situation and said that enough evidence was found to prove that 30-year-old trader was guilty.

Even though naming a dog Buhari isn’t something bad itself, it might seem quite disrespectful and people around might interpret it in a wrong way.

What is more, the officer said that they were planning to take him to the court to figure out the details and to hear the suspect talking himself.

It was quite obvious to the suspect that his neighbours-northerners would be offended by such a move. However, it doesn’t seem like he cared about it too much.

Even though this insult wasn’t direct it still shows his attitude towards the president and the people around him.

There is no evidence that the suspect actually named the pet after his father and not after the president of Nigeria. Therefore, he should really think of all his actions and the possible consequences of his decisions.

named dog President Buhari

That’s what the authorities responsible for this case are thinking about it. However, not everyone agrees that the man should be punished for such decisions.

For instance, famous activist Femi Falana disagreed with the president and his decision to arrest the trader.

She says that according to the constitution you are not allowed to sue someone for their personal decisions of such kind. She says that there is no law that says anything about it.

It’s simply forbidden to arrest Joe as there was nothing he did wrong according to the constitution. What is more, Falana says that if the president was personally offended by that he could have sued for libel but he never did.

And police has no right to accuse him of anything. A few days after that the suspect was finally released. When journalists spoke to him, he seemed really confused and he didn’t think he was guilty.

He never hated the president and naming his pet Buhari wasn’t the way to insult him in any way. Joe supports the president and moreover, the name of his dog has nothing to do with his attitude towards him.

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