How does Buhari's private jet look like?

Do you know what plane is used by President Muhammadu Buhari for personal and business flights? Read the article to find out the model and speed of his private jet!

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Presidents’ private planes and transport have always been a subject of numerous discussions. The president of Nigeria M Buhari is not the exception. Let us take a look at his private jet!

Boeing Business Jet 737

buhari's private jet

   Nowadays Nigerian Air Force uses a Boeing Business Jet 737 as a means of transportation for the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
   This plane is also known as the “Eagle One” and it’s marked as NAF-001. The base of the white fuselage of the plane is painted in long horizontal stripes. They symbolize the Nigerian national flag (GREEN-WHITE-GREEN). The words “NIGERIAN AIR FORCE” are tagged on the top, and the seal of the president of Nigeria is embossed on the tail.

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Plane characteristics

buhari private jet

   The approximate price of this jet is $ 50,000,000.
   This aircraft usually has seats for between 25 and 50 passengers within a luxurious configuration. This may include a master bedroom, a washroom with showers, a conference/dining area, and a living area!
   The model marked 737 has fuel tanks, for intercontinental range and self-contained airstairs for disembarking at airports with limited ground support.

As you can see the Nigerian leader uses a luxurious jet for the representing the people of Nigeria all over the world.

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