How does drug trafficking business undermine Nigeria's international standing?

Have you heard of Nigerian drug trafficking business? Nigerians are involved in plenty of drug routes and schemes! Read this article to find out more!

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Drug trafficking business is a huge problem in West Africa. Production of synthetic drugs and its use is also increasing in the region. For some time West Africa was a major transit area for drugs such as cocaine, which was produced in South America and coming to Europe.

Mali and Guinea-Bissau remain points of distribution and transmission of drugs. Illegal distribution and production centers appeared in Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea and Nigeria.

Drug trafficking in Nigeria

drug smuggling

Drug use leads to the huge growth of public health problems in Nigeria. Impunity and corruption contribute to further growth of the crimes connected with drugs.

Once ignored by the government, Nigeria’s presence is raising in the world drug market. The Nigerian traffickers became the major players in the world drug market. The traffickers' resourcefulness in adapting their generalship poses terrible headaches for all international police agencies straining to keep up with more complex money laundering techniques and schemes. There is a huge growing number of Nigerians inside of them.

Drug trafficking history

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Since 1960s to 1970s, Nigerian drug crime was always focused on the popular marijuana, which is still the most trafficked substance in the world, according to UNOODAC report (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). Till the 1980s, the need for the central transport hub of Latin America and Asia, absorbed Nigeria into orbit of traffickers, the report said. During the 1990s after the addition of different overland smuggling routes in South Africa and Brazil a further huge pressure appeared.

It is absolutely clear that this situation is typical for the process, especially if to look at the example of the western countries of the Sahel, the rapid transformation of the drug flow in the dominant while the criminal subject of geopolitics has enormous financial, technological and human resources, is mobilized on the reformatting of the economic and political global space.

Drug trafficking routes

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Export to different other countries is necessary for Nigerian traffickers as marijuana remains only domestically grown drugs in the country. It means compromising shipping and air transport networks achieve their goals. Well, for example, 20 per cent of British cases involve hard drugs from Nigerian National Shipping Line, regarding to globalsecurity.org.  65 percent of seizures involve 50 or even more grams of heroin hit all British airports hard. Criminal gangs also turn to cargoes, couriers and different express mail routes.

Drug trafficking facts. Extremely increased corruption.

colombia cartel

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No reforms were made properly and had any success. However, the Nigerian culture of corruption was developing rapidly. One certain example happened in 1991, when the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) head was dismissed for attending a secular convicted of crimes related to drugs, the website of the BBC informed. Sequential administration wanted to re-impose the death penalty for all trafficking, but retreated after international protests. But even when traffickers are sentenced, the authorities show little interest in issuing them.

The structure of law and order

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Different failures in law and order have already become common, but not only because of corruption in the country. Concerned about the lack of the skills and support the competing security forces resorted to the interception of suspected traffickers at special checkpoints. Soliciting, an excessive force and also extrajudicial murders are common risks to people who find themselves in such situations, according to globalsecurity.org. There was no authorities’ response to these incidents and nor any police sanctions involved in them.

The international relations

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Tense international relations often accompany by an increase in the number of traffickers arrested in some other countries. Looking for more than just promises of reforms, in 1993 the United States cut off all the direct air travels to Nigeria. They tried to block the economic aid, according to the bbc.com. This link was back in 1999, although there was no progress. Other countries improve more strict measures. For example, in Saudi Arabia such ‘traders’ are often beheaded.

The level of social stratification and inequality in the world are convincing evidences that the existing world-system is not organized around the production of social wealth and the positive added value, the target is extracting superprofits by elite manipulating the illiquid assets. The consequences are obvious - the real economic and public degradation.

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The coup trafficking networks forces in contact with the US secret services, the general carnage and endless foreign occupation - is likely possible future for the whole world. That the planetary flow of drugs is a major factor of increasing (progressive) global financial and economic crisis is becoming more and more obvious as the evidence that the financial crises are man-made.

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