How does man arrested for naming his dog Buhari explain the situation?

A man named his dog Buhari and was arrested for that! What were his reasons? What happened to a man in prison? All the facts you wanted to know about this situation are here!

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Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, a 30-year-old Igbo trader, has recently been arrested in Ogun state by the police for very interesting issue, for naming his dog ‘Buhari’.

This trader lives in Ogun State, Sango-Ota, Omikunle Street. As it was reported, a man was arrested last weekend. It happenned after one of his Northern extraction neighbors complained that Joe Fortemose Chinakwe named his pet dog after Alhaji Buhari, his father.

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Nonetheless, the efforts of the police to get the dog, which they wanted to use as evidence, but it failed after a smart move on the part of the suspect. Allegedly Chinakwe secretly sent his friends to murder the dog and eat its meat in order to avoid involvement.

It was also reported that the successive calls to Chinakwe’s friends and relatives for the police to grant him bail were not possible, as the applicant and his family threatened to murder the man, if police released him on bail.

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Abimbola Oyeyemi, ASP, the Ogun State acting Police spokesman, confirmed the arrest, he said:

‘A man bought a dog and wrote Bukhari on sides of its body. One Mallam filed a complaint, and when our people got there, we found that it was true. You know, that sort of thing can cause extremely serious breach of the peace, and also ethnic or religious strife. We charge him to court because it can lead to disturbing peace.

It can cause serious ethnic crisis or religious confrontation because when you are relegating such a name to a certain person, you are indirectly insulting him’

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‘You should understand that the common Northerner will feel very badly over such a thing. This can lead to serious ethnic crisis or even religious confrontation, because when you relate a specific name to a certain person, you surely insult him indirectly’.

Also when it usually comes to making fun of different leaders, Nigerians love it. So the arrested trader justifies his own reason for naming his dog ‘Buhari’.

According to Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, he decided to name his pet Buhari because his dog and Muhammadu Buhari are both his heroes. He told that he committed no crime and he is the victim because of staying in police for three days.

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Nonetheless, this Tuesday police in Ogun State released Joe Fortemose Chinakwe. It happened after an intervention of non-natives in the state President-General and Serkin Hausa. The community elders that intervened to make this person released, also told that the case should be reversed. Nevertheless, the suspect and the complainant had to sign a kind of contract not to cause any disturbance of the peace again. The trader, speaking to Vanguard after his release, told that he was really made to suffer for no reason at all.

‘It is extremely annoying as this complainant is from Niger Republic and I am totally sure that he is one of such illegal aliens, who people have in this country’, Chinakwe told. ‘He connived with one Northern Police Sergeant, Musa (he works at Sango Police division) to humiliate me as a person. And even worse, the Divisional Police Officer did not help me at all and he also refused to entertain any plea. This officer just told his people to throw me into the cage’.

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‘I did not make any offence at all. I decided to name my pet dog Buhari, who is my hero and I love it’.  The guy also told that his admiration for Buhari began when our president was a successful military Head of State. He was a fan till moment when he became a civilian President.

‘After I read about his dogged fight against corruption that was very strict and serious, I just decided to name my beloved dog Buhari, after president. I could not imagine that I committed any offence for my favourite Buhari.

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‘I was really intimidated and then thrown inside the cage with dangerous criminals for three days. And while I was staying there, that complainant and Musa, the North Sergeant, were taunting me all the time saying that all people from my part of Nigeria are real trouble makers. Also they added that after they arrest me, they will throw me into the jail, where I will die unnoticed’.

Joe Fortemose Chinakwe also told that even when his wife came with their baby on the back, the police stopped a woman from giving a man food. Also one of his friends that came to visit him was also mocked. When the next day the officers were taking Joe to Eleweran, they chained them together with that his friend. But, fortunately, when they got to police HQ, the Commissioner of Police and a lot of other officers were very angry with incompetence of their colleagues from Sango-Ota.

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The commissioners were shouting very loudly why the guy was brought to the police headquarters because of such a simple, minor case. Joe Fortemose Chinakwe added: ‘It is very pity that was so humiliated in my native country because of the actions of a simple foreigner in the cooperation with my brother from the north’.

Buhari news is always extremely interesting and unexpected! What will happen next? We will see!

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