How is Buhari going to make Nigeria a Top investment country?

The president Muhammadu Buhari revealed grand plans for Nigeria. In the next three years, Nigeria will become a member of top 100 countries with a favorable environment for business.


On the “Dialogue with the Private Sector” in the framework of TICAD VI, the president Muhammadu Buhari revealed his intentions and strategies for Nigeria by the year 2019. According to his statements, Nigeria can be placed in top 100 countries where it`s easy to do business. It`s worth mentioning that the current rank of Nigeria is 169 out of 189 other countries. Therefore, the statements of that Nigeria can overcome at least sixty-eight countries in three years are quite bold. Still, Mr. President is confident that while he is in charge of the country, it can be possible in a few years.

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Mr. President

TICAD VI main guest is Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe provided a positive review of the largest economy in Africa. Nevertheless, for conducting business, Nigeria still needs reforms. Muhammadu Buhari announced the launching of two secretariats to make his promises reality. The first one is PEEC (the Presidential Enabling Environment Council) and the second one is IMC (Inter-Ministerial Council).

Mr. President sees the agriculture as the primary force that helps Nigeria to become one of top 100 countries where it`s easy to maintain business. Therefore, he greatly relies on the investments from the West and Japanese technologies. It`s worth mentioning that Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world. Their Prime Minister announced high expectations on the collaborative work in the agricultural sphere of Nigeria. Also, Mr. President announced an aggressive farmers program, which helps to move the agricultural sector to the third or even second tier of the economy of Nigeria. He also expects that soon Nigeria may become an exporter of grain products.

top 100 countries

Nigeria has a long way to become one of top 100 countries of top investments. Mr. President bets on the agricultural sector of the economy. Therefore, he believes that investments in the West and technologies of the East may help Nigeria with economy struggles.

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