How Turkey 'coup attempt' will affect Nigeria?

What is the influence of Turkey coup attempt on Nigerian politic? What is communication between Nigeria and Turkey? Read the article to lean the latest news.

Turkey 'coup attempt

It happened on July 15. Soldiers shut down parts of Ankara and Istanbul. News about Turkey 'coup attempt' became a very actual topic for Nigerians.

The strongest communication between Nigeria and Turkey consists in trade, tourism, socio-cultural similarities and the fact that many Nigerian travelers consider simpler and cheaper way now to go through Turkey to other European capitals with Turkish Airlines getting all profit on the route. No Nigerian company participates in it.

Turkey 'coup attempt nigerians

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However, if Turkey appears in a bad form, it will already hardly mention a condition of Naira or cost of products in the Nigerian markets. On Friday, many Nigerians were awake and have predicted their own worst expectations concerning the Turkish situation. Among Nigerian commentators, there was a person who has expressed comprehensive condemnation of any attempt to turn the Constitutional order in Turkey or somewhere else in the world. When it was reported that the former Turkish president has noted that the successful course won't exist, because Turkey is not Africa, there was also a feeling of indignation among Nigerians, who have considered this comment racist.

 Nigerians naira

Nigerians know what means to derail a constitutional order with military intervention. Nigeria has taken the absolutism form already once, having tested only short periods of civil board. Armed forces in Turkey have interfered with this situation directly at least four times. And in all cases, the Turkish conspirators claimed that their role had to stabilize the country. Each military coup is justified on the messianic bases. About the last attack conspirators from Turkey claim that they want to found Peace Council.

Nigerians fought against armed forces, insisting on a certain return to civil board and democracy. Sixteen years later the democratic spirit has settled among people. They saw that their demonstrations help them to achieve much: they used them to pull out armed forces from the power and to insist that the constitution has to be observed. Right now in Nigeria, there is approximately the same situation. To conduct negotiations with the power, citizens need to resort to forces of organized mass revolt.

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