How will Buhari overcome Boko Haram?

Buhari has promised to deal away with Boko Haram. Did he really do that? Would he be even able to do that over his term?

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Terrorism should not exist in any country. It shed the blood of innocent civilians, destroyed homes and buildings. It does great damage to the economy and the country as a whole. Buhari President Nigeria is doing everything possible to fight with terrorists. I think he still would get the victory over Boko Haram. Sky Nigerian people will forget what teroryzm.Ya this wish from the heart. But you need a lot of time. To overcome such a strong terrorist organization requires more than one day and a lot of effort.


Since Boko Haram still controls a large territory in Borno state the president of Nigeria Buhari explained that they have not been using their full military power against this terrorist organization to avoid casualties among the population. Fighting terrorists is always hard, as they use ilegal and inhuman methods and murder people without mercy or regret. Hopefully Nigeria will overcome this trouble and become unified and be at peace.

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