In what year was founded Spain ?

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The Kingdom of Spain is located in southwestern Europe and occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula. In the North-East the country borders with France to the North it is washed by the Bay of Biscay. In the North-Eastern part there is an exit to the Atlantic ocean, on the West it borders with Portugal. In the South the Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain and Morocco. In the Southeast the country is washed by the sea of Alborán, and on the East by the Mediterranean sea.

Rome conquered the territory now occupied by Spain in the first century BC. But before the Spanish land was not empty. There existed a highly developed Phoenician civilization.

From 711-718, almost the whole territory of Spain was occupied by Arabs, who established here a few States. With the 718, there were state Argon, Castile, and others. In 1479 Argon and Castile United and its United Spain. From the sixteenth century formed the Spanish colonial Empire, the basis for it was the conquest of lands in America. In the middle of the century, the country began to decline, and in the wars with England, Spain has lost its power. In the eighteenth century was the war of the Spanish throne. In the XIX century there have been 5 unfinished revolution, in which Spain was declared a constitutional monarchy

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