Is Biafra passport valid and accepted abroad?

Is Biafra passport a real document used and accepted by other countries? You must read this now and find out about the situation.

The decision to issue Biafran International Passport was made by MASSOB back in 2009. At that time the conflict Biafra vs. Nigeria was not so hot, as it is now. These days we get the breaking Biafra news: the Biafra passport is out and it is valid and accepted by the international community.

biafra passport is accepted

Such a statement is found in the MASSOB news today. The organization recommends Biafra citizens to get their new passports and use them abroad. If they are not sure about its acceptance in other countries of the world, they may have it along with their Nigerian passport and get some firsthand experience with it before using it as their solo international ID. You can find Biafra passport image above. However, few weeks after the statement we have discovered that the passport is not accepted by US or by UK. It seems like the MASSOB news is not a top reliable source and all the infromation has to be double checked.

map of biafra

Presently the issuance of such a document costs around 5000 naira, which is not much. The cost of renewing such a document is at 2000 naira. Nigeria still has trouble acknowledging the new Biafra passports and Sunny Okereafor (National Director of Information for MASSOB) has warned the authorities that persecuting the holders of such IDs or the tearing down of the passports may evoke many negative consequences.

Here is Okereafor’s quote on the current situation:

sunny okereafor on Biafra passport

Besides the passports, Biafra has already created its currency and presented it to the World Bank. Plus it has gotten its car plate numbers, as well as licenses for drivers and even tax receipts. All these things turn a region or a group of people with their land into a nation. Obviously Biafra and its leadership is actively pursuing the goal of becoming independent.

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massob news on biafra

Nonetheless, Nigerian official structures do not recognize Biafra passports or other documents created by it and Igbo passports in particular. The contradiction between Nigeria and Biafra continues, as well as the Biafra case in the court. Only time can tell how the situation will get resolved.   We all hope for the peaceful and bloodless resolution of it. Share your opinion on the possible outcomes for the country and for common people. 

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