Is Boko Haram leader lethally injured?

Who injured one of the Boko Haram leaders Shekau? Learn now.

Boko Haram leader injured

Bobo Haram has terrorized Nigeria for many years. No wonder people want it to stop and even rejoice to hear about the injury of their leader Shekau. Did it really happen?

Is Shekau really lethally injured?

On August 19 there was another assault on Boko Haram from the air. Abubakar Shekau got under the fire and Nigerian army has information on him being lethally injured. NAF managed to destroy the camps and kill several key leaders of the terrorists.

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 Boko Haram leader

They believe it was one of the best attacks ever. Boko Haram fighters were at the Taye village doing some rituals, when the attack started. They think that Shekau was badly injured and may soon die.

Over 300 militants were annihilated in the latest airstrikes performed by the Nigerian air force. Hopefully soon the murders and other terrorism activities of this organization would be stopped by the army of Nigeria.

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