Is Buhari going to run for the second term in 2019?

What is the opinion of Congressman Alhaji Galadima about the desire of Muhammadu Buhari to achieve re-election? What does his representative say about his words? Read the information below to learn the latest news about the political situation in Nigeria.

President Buhari news

President Buhari news

The current term of the president Buhari will end in 2019. However, the president wishes to achieve re-election for the second term on duty. The government has rejected the fact that the president won't have an opportunity to become the candidate for bad management. The denial became the answer to the statement made by the Congressman of Alhaji Galadima. He has declared that citizens of Nigeria will leave Muhammadu Buhari when he seeks for re-election. However, supporters of the president have declared that assumptions that the main part of the population of the country will refuse the president during re-election in 2019, are ridiculous. His representative, Malam Garba Sheh told that Nigerians are the only reason why he has to stand to a position. In his opinion, only Buhari president is capable of protecting Nigeria from corruption, which became the main problem of the country over the past few years. ‘Statements of Galadima are just misleading.’ According to the president's representative, the main part of the population supports Buhari because he doesn't steal their money and their future. People are convinced that the president acts in their interests, despite temporary inadvertent consequences of reforms, according to the opinion of Buhari himself.

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Muhammadu Buhari

Remembering Buhari latest news and strong fight against his government, Sheh has remembered that eternal confrontation between leaders has shown how many people are favorable to the president. It was shown on elections of 2015, which he has won. He has convinced Galadima to leave a presidential race. ‘The president is far from isolation. He has good strategic relations with ordinary Nigerians. These relations are strong as a rock. If Sheh thinks that the president has no role in the government and is in isolation from people, he thus just derides himself. He can't speak for people about the devotion of Buhari.’ Recognizing that Alhaji Galadima has the right to advance the company, Malam Garba Sheh has told that he has no right to speak for all Nigerians. ‘His disagreement with the president is based on the principle.’ He has explained that president Buhari devotes himself to one sphere and wouldn't like that he was accused of injustice. These disagreements have begun in 2011. ‘Buhari has been confused with incidents and complaints to the replacement of candidates, having added that as a democrat, he won't inhibit desires of people. He has won in 2015 without any actions. Time will show further development of Buhari news.’

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