Is Donald Trump a new president of the US?

What are the results of president elections in the USA? Did Donald Trump win the elections in the USA? Read the article to learn the latest details.

 Donald Trump is a new president

Donald Trump is a new president

The candidate of Republicans Donald Trump has won a vote in the majority of states of the USA. It will allow him to become the 45th president of the United States. The representative of Republican Party, the 70-year-old billionaire Donald Trump, has won a vote at presidential elections in the USA. The majority of states has supported the republican Trump and his candidate for a post of vice-president, Mike Pens. According to media, which conducted the calculations, Trump managed to get the support of 57 million Americans. Bloomberg has given 276 votes of the Electoral College to the republican, while 270 are necessary for a victory.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, who was the favorite prior to the vote, has lost in the key states — Florida and Ohio. On the eve of the vote, Clinton was slightly ahead of Trump in national polls of popularity. Her advantage reached 3.3 points. At the same time in the fluctuating states, which alternately support democrats and republicans, the level of support of two candidates almost made the same quantity. Polls have shown that most of Americans have decided on their preferences till September 2016. The latest scandals with Clinton and Trump haven't had a significant effect on ratings. The sociology also demonstrates that citizens of the USA are guided by antipathies at the choice of the following head of state: voices for Trump have to be perceived as voices of no confidence to Clinton. In the last elections, public statements, and commercials, both candidates have concentrated on key themes of the Donald Trump campaign. The former senator and the Secretary of State convinced Americans of the ability to unite different people and urged to create the country where there is a place for everyone. The construction magnate promised fellow citizens to put an end to government of the corrupted elite. Hillary and Bill Clinton are mentioned in his video about it.

However, making the victorious speech, Trump has tried to be diplomatic. He has emphasized that he will be the president of all Americans regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. Economic prosperity was promised to all citizens of the USA. The republican has also declared that the United States will be ready to cooperate with any country in the world if it doesn't contradict their interests. The speech of the politician was interrupted by exclamations of his supporters.

 Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

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Support of ordinary voters formally doesn't guarantee the presidency to Trump. The head of state is elected by the Electoral College. Traditionally electors in each state have to support the vote of its inhabitants, and in the majority of states (except Nebraska and Maine) the winner receives all votes of representatives of the board of this state. There is a theoretical probability that electors can support not that candidate, for whom they promised to give the vote or to refuse vote at all. However, in reality, it occurs extremely seldom. For example, in 2000 the elector from the federal District of Columbia didn't vote. Elections of 2000 are remarkable also for other reason. For the first time in the contemporary history of the United States at presidential elections, results of the vote have dispersed from preferences of electors. While most of Americans have voted for the democrat Albert Gore, electors have supported his rival — the republican George Bush Jr.

The Electoral College will vote on the 19th of December 2016. The congress will bring together calculation of its voices on the sixth of January next year. Unpredictable character of a presidential race in 2016 has forced experts and media to provide scenarios, in which the House of Representatives of the congress had to elect the head of state.

Donald Trump campaign

Many Americans have already voted till November 8. By various estimates, over 46 million people have participated in early elections. Their voices will be counted together with the bulletins submitted on Tuesday. Headquarters of Clinton and Trump declared that so high activity of voters demonstrates support of their candidates. In the analysis, experts rely on demography. For example, the demand of early voting among Spanish-speaking voters is treated by them as a sign of the popularity of the representative of the Democratic Party. The problems, which Americans had faced, were long lines on sites for vote and failures in the system of registration of voters as, for example, in Colorado. In Texas, the malefactor trying to vote for Trump twice has been arrested. He has explained the actions with the ‘desire to check an electoral system for possible falsifications.’

Clinton and Trump have voted in the State of New York with their spouses. The republican has voted on Manhattan, and the representative of democrats has voted in Chappaqua, near the city. Candidates watched the course of counting of votes nearby from each other in the city of New York. Trump watched with a family and the elected journalists in Trump Tower skyscraper, and Clinton — in the congress center. During vote the representative of the 43rd U.S. President — the republican George Bush Jr. and his wife Laura has confirmed that they didn't vote in presidential elections, having limited support of republican candidates at other levels.

After the closing of polling precincts, results of Clinton and Trump were closest in Florida. The republican was in the lead with the minimum separation. Polls showed that he was actively supported by natives from Cuba while another Spanish-speaking has voted for the democratic candidate. As a result, the majority of voices have brought Donald Trump for the presidential post.

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