Is God suporting Biafra?

Does God support the movement of MASSOB and Biafra? Learn what we have to say.

 suporting Biafra

Biafra has been an issue for Nigeria since its founding. Biafran war has become a great tragedy with thousands and thousands of lives lost. Why does the situation stay unresolved?

Chief Ralph Uwazuruike says that God supports Biafra

Back in 1999 MASSOB was formed and it never stopped its existence since that time. The Chief says people were sent several times to kill him, but he remains alive and presses on the work of his life.

How can this movement last so long without giving up? Many people have been killed in the struggle and the Chief Ralph Uwazuruike believes God is on their side. He believes that despite the grave losses of their active members, God supports the movement and helps them to survive.

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Since 2000 they claim to have lost 3 000 lives of the activists, killed by the Nigerian government and military.

Obviously, these people faith in their hearts. They believe in what they do and that does not allow them to give up. However, throughout the whole history God has been actively involved in the political issues of only one state – Israel, His chosen people.

God loves everyone and He does not approve of killings. He is the God of peace and He wants all people to come to know Him and repent in their sins. Most likely God has nothing to do with any of the separatist movements in the world, but he loves the Biafran people!

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